Month: December 2009

Meeting Jonathan Shaw in Los Angeles

This fall Johnny spent a a fun-filled week with his old friend Jonathan Shaw in Los Angeles.

(Photo exclusive courtesy of Jonathan Shaw. Please do not post the photo anywhere else or crop out the watermark.)

Read the full story in Jonathan’s blog.
More about Jonathan HERE and HERE.

Johnny about Jonathan Shaw’s book Narcisa:

’93Finally, after twenty-plus years of coaxing, cajoling, pleading and basic needling on my part, my ol’92scallywag brother, Jonathan Shaw has put his pen to paper, dragging and drudging up virulent and violent hallucinations from his not so cute brain-scape. Been waiting too long for this. So have you, whoever you are, believe me. If you don’92t yet know him, you will. If you didn’92t want to, too bad. Once he’92s in, he’92s in. J.S.’92s words, work, life, lives, deaths, rants, rage, hilarity and taste rank with the best of ’91em. If Hubert Selby Jr., Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Neil Cassady, Dr. Hunter S.Thompson, the Marquis de Sade, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Edward Teach, Charley Parker, Iggy Pop, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, R. Crumb, Robert Williams, Joe Coleman, Dashiell Hammett, E.M. Cioran and all of the Three Stooges had all been involved in some greasy, shameful, evil whorehouse orgy, Jonathan Shaw would surely be its diabolical, reprobate spawn.’93

Buy the book: US / UK / D

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K’fcstendorf Festival

During the next K’fcstendorf Film & Music Festival from January 13 to 19, 2010 in Mecavnik – Drvengrad (Serbia) The Retrospective of Greatness program will be dedicated to Johnny Depp, presenting three of his most remarkable movies: ’93Edward Scissorhands’94, ’93Arizona Dream’94 and ’93Donnie Brasco’94.

The newspaper BLIC also claims that …A special guest and ’93Kustendorf’94 promoter will be Johnny Depp…

More about the festival HERE.

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