Month: January 2009

Jerry Bruckheimer Wants YOU To Cast ?The Lone Ranger?

Jerry Bruckheimer spoke with MTV News at the junket for his new film, ?Confessions of a Shopaholic?. Talking about future projects, he let slip that, while the script is done and Johnny Depp has signed on as Tonto there?s still a little matter of finding the lead.

That?s where you come in! Jerry Bruckheimer wants input from the fans and we?re ready to hear whatever opinion you?ve got. Watch the video below and then post your dream-casting. You could help decide who gets to wear the mask!

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Anne Hathaway on “Alice”

With her Oscar nomination, the former teen star Anne Hathaway has secured her place among Hollywood’s serious actresses. She talks to Will Lawrence about her career’s darker new direction.

?If Johnny Depp has a twin brother, send him over,? laughs Anne Hathaway. ?I?ll marry that guy right away.? The 26-year-old star of The Devil Wears Prada has just finished working with Depp on the director Tim Burton?s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in which she plays the White Queen.

?Honestly, Johnny?s everything you?d want him to be, and more, while Tim is one of my favorite filmmakers. He has been since I started watching his films as a child. Working with him on a fairy tale is like being invited into this sandbox to play around.?

Hathaway, of course, already has experience in the fairytale world.

She broke through as the teenage star of The Princess Diaries in 2000, before appearing in 2004?s Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries 2 and then lending her voice to the animated Little Red Riding Hood adaptation Hoodwinked (2005).

This time, however, she?s starring in a Tim Burton production ? and playing in Burton?s sandbox means journeying into the macabre.

?With Helena Bonham Carter, Tim and Johnny, everyone is so mad, and yet because of the atmosphere, no one thinks that they?re insane,? continues Hathaway.

?You can be totally angry one second and then totally happy another second, and you can be delightful and murderous at the same time. I know that doesn?t make much sense now, but you?ll see the film and understand.?

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Thanks to Beth for the tip!

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Updates on ‘Rango’

The Gore Verbinski – Johnny Depp reunion project Rango has already gotten some attention this week with the news that Abigail Breslin joined the cast. It looks like that cast has gotten even bigger, with Isla Fisher (Definitely, Maybe) coming aboard.

The news comes from MTV?s Movies Blog, who got to talk to Fisher during a junket for her upcoming film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Fisher announced that she would be playing opposite Depp in the movie as the voice of a lizard Depp?s character encounters on his adventure as a household pet who? well, winds up on an adventure.

Fisher also talked about the process Verbinski is using to make the animated movie, which includes having the actors actually act out the scenes to aid the animators in portraying movement and expression. That?s not uncommon for animated movies, but Fisher seems to indicate Verbinski?s approach is a bit more elaborate, according to MTV.

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New Casting Calls for ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Feature Film
Production Company: Team Todd
Director: Tim Burton
Screenplay: Linda Woolverton (based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland)
Producers: Tim Burton, Richard D. Zanuck, Derek Frey, Linda Woolverton, Katterli Frauenfelder
Casting Director: Susie Figgis
Additional Casting (Los Angeles): Deborah Maxwell Dion
Dates: Approximately First Week of March 2009
Location: Los Angeles

The following SAG actors should be between the ages of 20-60, Caucasian, able to portray pale Victorian English types and most importantly be able to speak with a perfect English accent. They should be available for immediate costume fittings if cast and available to work the first week of March. Comedic timing is a plus. Please follow the size requirements closely.

[MALE no.1] 5’9 tall-40 chest/32 waist. [MALE no.2] 5’10 tall-44 chest/38 waist. [MALE no.3] 6’tall- 42 chest/36 waist. [FEMALE no.1] 5’6 tall-34 Bust/24 Waist [FEMALE no.2] 5’7-5’8 tall-38 Bust/28 Waist [FEMALE no.3] 5’8 tall-40 Bust/28 Waist

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Newspaper auction winner

Much thanks and appreciation to everyone that bid on the Signed and commented Newspaper auction.

Our winner was Paula She purchased the item for USD 760.00. A part of the funds will as promised be donated to Martin Klebba’s charity CoDA. JDorg was proud to join Scabvendor and in this auction.

Johnathan Shaw is a great and loyal friend to Johnny and Marty Klebba as well. Brandon Hillock (Disney’s first Captain Jack approved by Johnny himself and actor and filmmaker) is a great friend to our site as well. Networking with Johnny’s friends is a great way to support charity!
Keep a watch for another fundraiser from JDorg in association with some of Johnnys friends happening soon!

A great thanks goes out to Johnathan and Alessandra for including us in this event!

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New Interesting Interview

A new article has been posted on a friend of JDorg’s site;
Housewife in Hollywood has interviewed Jennifer Gimenez. She played along side Johnny Depp as Inez in the movie Blow. Of course she talks about Johnny so everyone go over to the Housewife site and leave comments on this great piece!!
Lets show our support for those that support our site!

interview with Jennifer Gimenez

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Gilliam Resurrects ‘Man Who Killed Don Quixote’

The Thanksgiving weekend was mostly a dead zone, but we reported on some public comments Terry Gilliam made that week about returning to his doomed Don Quixote project, which was the subject of the documentary Lost in La Mancha. At the time, Gilliam said of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, “I was in some way relieved that it did fall apart, because I didn’t have the money to finish it.

“It’s a good thing it went down when it did because I would have got the blame for going over budget.”

There were other problems besides the budget, including injured actors, a disastrous flood, and more.

Empire reports that Gilliam is now hard at work revising the script for his unfinished film, collaborating with his Fear and Loathing writing partner, Tony Grisoni. “I re-read the greatest script ever written and realize we gotta get rewriting! I really wanna knock that one out in the next month or so.”

Because the film was never finished before, the original script was held up for years before the rights reverted back to Gilliam, who now says he has some “very different ideas” for the movie. The director would like to begin filming this year, according to Empire, but it’s all contingent on Johnny Depp’s schedule.


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Fight against pirate fishing

In a letter in support of EJF, Johnny Depp has called for an immediate response to the crisis before it is too late.

?Our seas and the people that depend upon them are facing a critical threat,? he wrote. ?Pirate fishing operations are plundering fish stocks the world over, which in turn undermine all attempts at their sustainable management, already under pressure from widespread misdirection. The devastating impact of this illegal form of fishing is felt not only by our marine ecosystems, but also by the millions of people living in some of the world?s poorest countries who rely on healthy fish stocks as an essential source of both food and employment.? (source: Look to the stars)

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