Month: July 2008

Johnny Wanted For New Riddler

Johnny has been approached to play the
Riddler in the sequel to The Dark Knight
according to studio bosses.
A source said: “Johnny would be amazing
as The Riddler. The studio knew they
needed someone who could match or even
top the late actor Heath Ledger’s
performance as The Joker in the most
recent film ‘The Dark Knight’, and
think Johnny has the potential to do so.”

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Steel Sparrow & PE Video

Captain Jack Sparrow made out of steel! You’ve never seen something like that before. The statue messures 224 cm and took over 1,5 month to build. Price is around 5200 ?! Right now it’s on display in Kiel/Germany. So everyone who lives in the area go and check it out!

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

Thanks to Angkor for allowing us to post those fantastic pictures! You can find all of them HERE!

And then we have this neat video Patrick send in. It shows Johnny filming a scene for Public Enemies right behind Patricks apartment. You can watch it HERE!
Thanks Patrick!

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Johnny Buys Hunter’s Archives

Johnny has bought approx. 800 boxes
of Hunter Thompson’s archives. The archives
will be placed in a University after Johnny’s team
has organized the overwhelming amount of
archival material.

Article Credit Anita Thompson’s Blog and

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Johnny to Play Mad Hatter in Alice of Wonderland

Johnny and Tim are teaming up again in the film
version of Alice in Wonderland. reports
the movie will be shot in 3D. A source said:
“Burton has had designs on Alice In Wonderland
since before he was famous. He has a knack for
turning what seem like stories for just kids
into gripping, spooky fables loved just as much
by adults. He’s held out on doing Alice till he
got a big enough budget. Now this film is financed
by Disney so money won’t be a problem.” Production
will start next year and will release in the summer
of 2010.

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Johnny and Terry Gilliam Attempting Don Quixote Again

Johnny and Terry are taking a second shot at making
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote seven years after the
film was aborted in 2001 after just five days of
shooting. One source close to the revived project,
who asked not to be named, said: “They are having
another crack at it after putting a deal together.
Johnny is a bigger star now than he was then, thanks
to the Pirates of the Caribbean, and there is every
confidence they can pull it off.” Ownership of the
script has now returned to Gilliam.

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Johnny Depp’s Sea Shanties on Stage

While working on the Pirates of the Caribbean
films, actor Johnny Depp became fascinated
by pirate culture and music and came up with
the idea of an album of sea shanties.
An all-star-cast signed up, including Lou Reed,
Bono and Sting, and now it’s being brought to
life on stage.

Here is a video Clip of it

Here is a review of SummerTyne Rogue’s Gallery, The Sage Gateshead

Article Credit BBC Radio 4 and

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Tommy Lee Wants Johnny to Portray Him in New Movie

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee wants Johnny to portray him
in a new movie based on the band. Lee insists Depp
is the perfect choice to play him China Daily Reports.
“Johnny Depp would be my choice to play me. He”s
the best ever,” Tommy Lee said. Lee stated he is in
talks with movie producers to begin shooting of the
film. “We’re working on it. Trying to find the right
producers and director and all that sort of stuff!”
Lee said.

Article Credit The Times of India

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Johnny Converting His Caribbean Home to Global Heating

In New Jersey, inventor and long-time hydrogen developer Mike Strizki is now showing visitors his house in Hopewell converted to grid-independent solar hydrogen operation (including hydrogen for his fuel cell car), the subject of a long article in the New York Times magazine in May 2007. It’s pricey: the conversion cost about $500,000, but his next project in the Cayman Islands is expected to cost less than half of that.

His third client appears to be actor Johnny Depp who wants to convert his Caribbean island home to Strizki’s system, and Strizki says several others are in the pipeline. Other solar hydrogen houses have been built or converted on Long Island; near Wiscasset, ME; on Stuart Island, WA; in Indonesia, and, decades ago, in Freiburg, Germany, and Switzerland.

Article Credit and Chloe Angelo
Read More About Strizki’s System Here

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