Month: April 2008

No Filming Today in Columbus or Beaver Dam

Filming will not be taking place today in
Columbus or Beaver Dam despite previously
announced reports. There was a scheduling
conflict that caused the postponement
according to location scout Adam Boor. There
is still plans to film in Beaver Dam and
Columbus it will likely take place the week
of May 5th and 6th. Nothing has been confirmed
at this point. They plan to wrap up Wisconsin
filming by May 8th, but that is still

News of filming has been scarce the past couple
days and what we have heard has been changed
many times and at this point we will not post
unless we know for sure of when and where filming
will be.

News Credit The Depp Zone

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Artwork Updates!

I uploaded a lot of new arts to the different goodie sections! We’re sorry for the delay but now everything should be available. If you still think we’ve forgot your art please send an email to fanart (at)! And for everyone else keep sending in your fanart! We would love to add your work too!

Last but not least I wanna introduce myself. My name is Jules, board members already know me, and from now on I’ll help out with the fanart section.

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Milwaukee Filming Delayed

Scheduled filming at the Milwaukee County
Historical Society has been delayed until
the first weekend in May now. Filming was
expected to be in downtown Milwaukee on

Article Credit 58LOCALNEWS CBS Milwaukee

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Columbus Filming Moved to Monday

Columbus filming will continue for a
partial day on Monday. The date was
changed late this week from Tuesday to
Monday. The downtown intersection will
be closed completely Monday and Tuesday.
East James Street Will Be closed for
about a week for filming.

This schedule is tentative and could
change at anytime. Filming is to move
to Milwaukee then return to the Beaver
Dam area for about 3 days.

Monday’s forecast calls for rain and/or
snow but crews are trying to work through
the weather.

Article Credit Portage Daily Register

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Filming Going Back to Columbus April 29th

Filming will be back for a day in Columbus
on April 29th to shoot scenes at the Poser
house and also some scenes will be shot
next week in downtown Beaver Dam at The
Rogers, formerly the Hotel Rogers.
Shooting then will move to Madison and
that is the final stop in Wisconsin.
The movie is to release next year.

Article Credit Portage Daily Register
Jason Maddux

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Depp Fans Hopeful in Manitowish

Depp fans are hopeful waiting to get a glimpse
of Johnny in Manitowish Waters. Some are saying
the best place to see him is at a local church
when filming wraps up for the day.
Julie Pairolero, co-owner of Michael’s Parlor,
says “They have a base place where they are
going back and forth to. And that’s where
they’re saying if Johnny’s signing autographs
he’ll be out there.”
Security is tight and everything is hush, hush
there but fans are still determined. Being a
small town news travels fast. Filming is
expected to finish by the end of the week.

Article Credit 7

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Small Fire Breaks Out on Set

A small electrical fire broke out on
set this morning at the Little Bohemia
Resort in Manitowish Waters. The fire is
contained but their is smoke damage
to the second floor of the building.
No one was in the building at the time
and no one was injured in the incident.

Article credit 7

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