Month: November 2007

Sweeney Todd Press Conference and Ciprianis

On November 26th, Johnny also appeared at the London Press Conference for Sweeney Todd – the Demon Barber of the Fleet Street (the New York Premiere is gonna be at the Ziegfeld theatre at 8pm on Monday Dec. 3rd.).

You can see some pics of him here:

Sweeney Todd Press ConverenceSweeney Todd Press Converence

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Yesterday, he visited (again) the Cipriani Restaurant in London, together with Tim Burton and the pregnant Helena Bonham Carter:


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Thanks to bonnie!

There were also some Interviews made on Monday, 26th.
Access Hollywood has an interview with Johnny falling into a beautiful giggling fit!! Thanks, Marlene!

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Johnny shopping in London

Yesterday Johnny was seen shopping in the “Forbidden Planet” in London. After an hour they went out with nine bags full of Christmas presents, also containing ‘Dr Who’ Daleks and Star Wars toys, and something from the Simpsons.

See all the pics here

Here a preview:
Johnny in LondonJohnny in London

Johnny is in London at the moment because of the Sweeney Todd Press Conference.

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Pics, screencaps etc.

The last few days we have added many new things:
New posters from the movie Sweeney Todd in the moviepics section and the German trailer.
Screencaps from the documentary “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Runnin’ down a dream” capped by MadScntst.

Screencaps from the main movie and Bonus (NL) from At World’s End.

Also, I added some new lovely pics from the photoshooting of the photographer Diane F eingold from 1987.

Thank for all the new stuff to AnaMaria, bonnie, FANtasticJD, Ldinka and MadScntst.

– Sarfania –

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Shantaram and the Rum Diary postponed

The screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood, which first hit only television productions, is now also harming Shantaram.

Shantaram, which was scheduled to begin shooting in India in February, has been put on hold due to strike-related script issues that threatened to push production into India?s monsoon season.

Also put on hold for Depp is The Rum Diary, an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson?s novel for Warner Independent Pictures. Bruce Robinson, whose 1987 comedy Withnail & I gained a cult following, was adapting and directing.

Rum, loosely based on Thompson?s experience working as a freelance journalist in Puerto Rico in the late 1950s, is in the development stages. Depp had planned to make the film after Shantaram.
Depp next appears on the big screen in Sweeney Todd, which premieres December 3 in New York.

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Sweeney Todd Studio Session

Stunning – beautiful – fantastic……
He is perfect
What more can we say ?

The new clip from Sweeney Todd is “Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd Studio Session”. Thanks to the responsible people, who let us see this wonderful clip.

I added the clip in the Download Section (Attention, possible Spoilers!!)

Also I made some screencaps you can find here (Attention, possible Spoilers!!)



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essay by lizzy4depp

by lizzy4depp

We are sure most of you know by now that Johnny and Tim Burtons new movie, Sweeney Todd is getting ready to premiere next month. Among all the excitement, we thought that a lot of you would be interested in learning a little about the story of Sweeney Todd and some of the planning that has preceded the opening of this original endeavor that Johnny has chosen to partake in.

The story of Sweeney Todd is legendary among those in London and holds a kind of mystery not unlike Jack the Ripper. The actual Sweeney was born in London’s East End in October of 1756. He was arrested and served a five-year prison term when he was wrongly accused of stealing a pocket watch. He gained his barber skills in prison when he learned the trade from another barber named Plummer. After he was released he took a few pounds he had stolen in prison and set up his shop next to the St. Dustan’s Church. Sweeney’s shop stood right down the street from his longtime girlfriend Margery Lovett’s bar where she made her famous meat pies. The first murder happened right on the streets of London, where a man was seen arguing with a barber. The barber was seen to take out his white coat; he slit the other man’s throat with a barber’s blade and ran off into the fog. The story of Sweeney’s shop tells of customers who would go for a barber visit and never return. They would be seated in the revolving chair that stood over a trapdoor to a cellar. Sweeney would slit their throats with his razor and they would fall below to the basement. His lover discovered a tunnel that ran from his shop underneath to hers. She hatched a plan to dispose of the bodies by grinding up the meat and putting it into her famous pies. Sweeney was executed by hanging on January 25th 1802. He was hung by the rope outside the Newgate Prison. His body was given over to medical research, which has the ironic ending, as his bodies ended up like his victims, with his insides on a plate. His girlfriend Margery Lovett did not hang because she was found in the prison poisoned to death. It is not known if she killed herself or was murdered.

This story as a whole seems just down the right alley for Tim Burton, except for the fact that the story he chose to tell was not adapted from the historical accounts only but, after the Broadway musical written by Stephen Sondheim. The dark musical of Sweeney Todd has been well known and performed for years in the musical arena. Tim Burton has had the idea in his mind for at least four years, when he went to visit Johnny at his home in the south of France and gave Johnny the musical soundtrack as a gift. He didn’t reveal his intentions at the time but Johnny said that he was puzzled by the gift.

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two new staffers!!!

Happily we have to announce, that we added two new members to the JDorg staff.

1. as Conny could not manage the galleries/magazines section anymore, Jenna will do her job in the future. Jenna already donated many screencaps to the site before and is active member in the forums. I’m sure, she will do a great job.

2. lizzy4depp has joined us to bring us lots of info. She’ll write for JDorg in the future. That’s what we always needed: someone bringing this site content, and we’ve found such a talented person.

As a stand-in-present, lizzy4depp already brought us some stuff, which you can read:

– she re-wrote the first part of the biography, which will become longer and longer now. The following years are in work.

– she wrote an essay about the history of Sweeney Todd, which is absolutely informative and should be read!

– and an essay about Johnny himself

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Johnny nominated for People’s Choice Awards

Johnny has been nominated for the People’s Choice Awards for favourite male action star as well as favourite male movie star. POTC3 – At World’s End has been nominated for favourite movie and favourite threequel.

The PCA are voted on by the American public. Winners will be announced and honoured in a televised cerimony at the Shrine Auditiorium in Los Angeles on Jan. 8th, 2008.

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You can vote here

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Huge Fanart Update!

Hey everyone,

I’ve just uploaded a LOT of brand new, beautiful fanart for you to look at and admire.

We’ve got:
New Original Artwork by Freya, Ina, Amber, Sheila, Elena, Hanna, Lila, Amanda, JohnnyDeppLoveke, Natascha, Anna, Glenda, Mark, Jennifer, Michelle, Jessi, Imke, Stephanie, Kay and Aiko
New Real Life Wallpapers by Ilse, Lucy and Christine
New POTC Wallpapers by Ina, Ilse and Rizza
New Movie Wallpapers by Ina, Christine, Ilse and Giselle
New Costumes by Guilli and Muhammad
New Avatars by Aaven and Laura


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