Month: August 2007

Gypsy Caravan

In the documentary “When the road blends: The Tales of Gypsy Caravan” Johnny Depp puts in an appearance, having got to know Taraf de Haïdouks while filming The Man Who Cried. “Johnny is the one who basically puts into words the goal of the film,” says Dellal, “which is to make people see that what you believed about gypsies your whole life is not true.”

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I added some pics and screencaps and you can read more over the documentary at the Movie Section

image: gypsycaravan02.jpg
image: whentheradbends001.jpg

Many thanks to lufie for the galleries/appearances pic and the information


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Johnny wins Teen Choice Award

Johnny is this year’s winner of the Teen Choice Award in the category “Actor, action adventure”. PoTC3 – At World’s End won as best “action adventure movie”, Keira Knightley has been named as best “actress, action adventure”. And, of course, this year’s best villain is “Davy Jones”/Bill Nighy.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Read more about it on USAToday

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Snippet of Sweeney Todd to be shown at Venice Film Festival

During the Venice Film Festival on Sep. 5th Tim Burton will be honoured for his lifework with a “Leone d’Oro” – a golden lion. During the course of the day a 10 min long promotion of the upcoming movie “Sweeney Todd” will be screened.

source: Stephen Sondheim Society

Additionally a detailed (SPOILER containing) description of the trailer is available. Karen from johnnydeppreads was so kind to share it with us. So read it over there.

And we have one more Sweeney Todd pic. Of Johnny and Tim Burton while shooting. I post it here because there are no Spoilers:

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Johnny nominated for British National Movie Awards

Johnny has been nominated for the first ever British National Movie Awards for “best male perfomance” in POTC3 – At World’s End.

Here are the nominees for “best male perfomance” in full

Johnny Depp (POTC3 – AWE)
Orlando Bloom (POTC3 – AWE)
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
Rupert Grint (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
Daniel Craig (Casino Royale)

These awards are commissioned by British TV broadcaster ITV. The winners will be chosen by public vote. Soon voting forms will be available at UK cinemas, as well as newspapers and the internet, of course. The ceremony will be held at London’s Royal Festival Hall and screened on ITV1 later this year.

Read more on METRO

And vote for him HERE

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new pics, new downloads…

Another update of several things:

1. I added a few downloads – to the years 2007, 2004 and 2003 (Japan TV Interview Nahomi – absolutely worth to see!! – and Red TV Interview from May 23, 2007, thanks to Carasun a 2003 e! news life interview, three clips from April 22, 2004, Blockbuster Awards 2000, Last Fast Show, Musicvideos and lots of P Clips from the Texas Music Festival 1993.

2. one more pic to the recent pics of Johnny on his yacht near Elba

3. thanks to bonnie an even bigger version of the new Sweeney Todd poster

4. thanks to Jenna 5 more episodes of 21 Jump Street:
Season 3 – What About Love

Season 3 – Wooly Bullies

Season 3 – The Return of Russell Buckins

Season 3 – AWOL

Season 3 – Nemesis

and because thanks to Sarfania I got my old VHS digitalized at the end, I capped Private Resort
and Slow Burn
for you.

5. I added some signatures and avatars made of myself to the fanart section

6. new movie stills and set pics of the Ninth Gate are available

and some single pics added here and there…

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