Month: June 2007

1 Mio. VISITORS!!!

After 3 years, 4 months and about 9 days hit the 1 Million visitors only a few minutes ago.

Thank you so much, especially all you regular visitors, for your faith 🙂

On to the next Million 😉

As a celebration of this Million and the start of At World’s End in worldwide cinemas,
and simply because the voting of our Layout Contest in the discussion forums is over, I am proud to announce that Jane is the winner and we can publish this brand new and adorable At World’s End layout as Skin 13:


Thanks to Jane for this beautiful layout!

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Today marks an important event in the life of our webmistress Martina – she’s tying the knot, getting hitched, hooked up …..MARRIED!!!

On behalf of all the staff of we want to congratulate Martina and her new husband on their wedding.

For you Martina and your husband an old Irish blessing

May the blessing of light be with you always,
Light without and light within,
And may the sun shine upon you and warm your heart,
Until it grows like a great fire so that others may feel
the warmth of your love for one another.

image: Martina01.jpg

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Happy Birthday, Johnny!!

All the best and all our love to your 34th…omg no ;-)…44th (can you believe it?) Birthday, dearest Johnny!

We hope, you’ll have a wonderful day, spending it with your family,

and always stay as young in your heart and your look as you are!

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Johnny winner at MTV Movie Awards

Johnny and his movie POTC2: Dead Man’s Chest have been the winners at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. DMC was awarded the title of BEST MOVIE while Johnny won as BEST PERFORMER.

Jerry Bruckheimer was there to accept the award for DMC and gave kudos to Johnny by saying: “This is the man who did it all right here, Johnny Depp. Without him, we wouldn’t be here.”

Johnny instead thanked Disney and Bruckheimer “for not firing me first”.

Read more about the award show HERE

Here is a preview with some pics:

image: MTVAwards007.jpg
image: MTVAwards017.jpg
image: MTVAwards019.jpg

see them all here

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new Skin and Navigation

Because the old navigation was very complex as well as the script I used, I decided to shorten it, so that you have to click onto the headlines before you come to the single sites.
If you have javascript disabled, you’ll see the navigation open as one long navi.

I also divided it in another way, so that now the Johnny himself section is divided from the movies.

Additionally I added a new skin originally created for my fanlisting collective – featuring “Johnny on Kate” from the 1994 Leibovitz Photo Session.
I hope, you like it, you can view it here (click to come to that layout):


Besides the layouts I added some cool new stuff to the Shop, with many new At World’s End stuff and some Dead Man’s Chest games/piano books – and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff in General.

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