Month: March 2007

Quotes problem and affiliates search

After mara got some curious emails with a name in the quotes and contacted me confused, I rechecked the script and realized, while building in the captcha I made a mistake with the varibales.
So…if you sent in a quote recently (since the captcha image is below), please resend it, it is all my fault (blame me!!).

Also, we are looking for some high quality fansites as affiliates,
if you have one and are interested, please ask!
But it should have at least an own domain.

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OUATIM 2 possible?

During an appearance at this year’s SXSW Film Festival director Robert Rodriguez explained to the press, that there is a chance for a spinoff for the character of “Agent Sands”. According to his statement Johnny is very interested in reprising his role, but no definitive plans have been made regarding such a project. Read more about it HERE

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Lots of Pics added

While Sarfania is working hard on sorting the galleries/magazines section and already got the year 2006 finished, I went through all the unsorted pics on my harddrive and added some pics to the following folders:

Marion Stalens Photoshooting 2001 (completely new),
Deauville Press Conf.,
Deauville Blow Premiere, Secret Window Shooting,
Don Juan Moviepics,
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Set Shots,
one more Platoon Pic, as well as one more PotC 1 Still, some wonderful high quality PotC 2 Stills, PotC 3 Stills *may contain spoilers!!* and high quality PotC 3 Shooting Pics, PotC 3 Pre Production Drawings, thanks to Agnes some Photos of Jack Sparrow at Madame Tussauds,
a Sweeney Todd and PotC3 – At Worlds End Teaser Poster,
the first 200 caps of Dead Man’s Chest, and one of my PotC2 Signatures and Avatars, and some single pics to the galleries/appearances and photoshootings section.

//EDIT on Tuesday, March 13: some brand new PotC3 Stills appeared yesterday, very funny ones, so check them out!!!

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Lily-Rose doing better?, writes, “Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose, 7, is ‘doing much better,’ according to the actor’s spokeswoman Robin Baum. “The family greatly appreciates the continued support and respect of their privacy,” she said in a statement.”

This sounds much better than the message in the morning, let’s continue sending our thoughts to her till everything is well again!!

// EDIT: it seems as if she already LEFT the hospital yesterday!

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New Skin (#10)

Amaranth made such a wonderful vector graphic of the “Johnny as Rrose Selavy” pic,
so I decided to make a new skin for JDorg from it.

So, here it is, I hope, you like the graphic and the layout:

Skin #10

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Downloads section done!

Thanks to Sarfania, who sorted all the downloads Charly and I had uploaded within the time, the downloads section is done now.
Because we lost the old database I don’t know whom to credit anymore. If you know, who did them, please tell me. We try to readd them within the time.

This is a test run first, if our bandwidth can live with that many downloads, but feel free to look into it and donate, if you have additional video clips.

Also, again:
we added a comments function at the bottom of every single site, so you can give comments to what is on the sites, if there are mistakes, if you have suggestions, if you like that page especially, if you have additional info,
all this can be written into the comments.

We are remaking the galleries/magazines section the next time, so you may not be able to reach them all.

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Daughter Lily-Rose in Hospital?

British tabloids are running a story this morning that Johnny’s -7-year-old daughter Lily-Rose has been admitted to a London hospital and is in a serious condition. Johnny’s spokesperson has declined any comment on this. Our thoughts and prayers are with Johnny and his family.

the Daily Mirror reports, that Lily-Rose Melody lies seriously ill in hospital for nine days already.

Johnny and Vanessa barely leave her bed.

let us pray to all the different gods and beliefs we have for Lily-Rose to be well again!

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