Month: January 2007

Johnny at Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert

Thanks to Chenault and bonnie we have some wonderful pics of the Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert with Johnny performing with his band from young years the Kids at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Click HERE to see them all, once they are uploaded (can need some more minutes/hours) and see a preview here of the most beautiful ones (may as well take some time to show the big images)

image: SheilaWitkinMemorial011.jpg
image: SheilaWitkinMemorial011.jpg
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more 21 Jump Street screencaps

Thanks to Jenna,
I could today add 14 more episodes of screencaps of the TV series 21 Jump Street: the second half of the first season and the first half of the second season :-p

Go visit them here:

Season 1 – Bad Influence
Season 1 – Blindsided
Season 1 – Next Generation
Season 1 – Low and Away
Season 1 – 16 Blown to 35
Season 1 – Mean Streets and Pastel Houses
Season 2 – In the Custody of a Clown
Season 2 – Besieged (1)
Season 2 – Besieged (2)
Season 2 – Two for the Road
Season 2 – After School Special
Season 2 – Higher Education
Season 2 – Don’t Stretch the Rainbow
Season 2 – Honor Bound

Additionally I want to thank selene.H for her huge donation via paypal! You saved this site one more year!

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Mira Nair to direct Shantaram

Indian director Mira Nair will be helming Johnny’s next project Shantaram. After Peter Weir had dropped out last summer the project is back on track and filming shall begin next fall for a 2008 release. Nair is well known for movies like “Monsoon Wedding” and “Vanity Fair”. Read more about this from Variety

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To that person claiming me a b*****…

I am sad I have to write this here, but the email she put in does not work.
And maybe it helps other people to understand.

Today I got this email:
Name: susie
Comments: U state that this is a site for Johnny Depp but wont let other people show the work we thought was wonderful that you are doing.. Tell me selfish do you have permission from him to use his picture’s. No I don’t think so, so why do you make a butt out of yourself by saying that we who take one picture are internet thieves. You are the actual thief , and a Bi*** for not sharing.. take this site and shove it, I bet me and my daughter are bigger fans than you anyways…. BLAH

Please read my answer, Susie:

Hello Susie,

let me explain this, please read till the end and you’ll understand:

I do not say, that those who take the pictures are thieves. Feel free to grab them all. I myself asked for every single one, but only those posting them in boards. I am one of those saying, that every pic available should be allowed to be used by every fan in the world. I did not pay for them, and I do not own them. The photographers do.

But what I paid for is the WEBSPACE.
I am a student and have 5 siblings, so my parents cannot give much money to me. I spend my whole money for the webspace and the domains, because this is my “hobby”.
Now included is a certain amount of “bandwidth”. That means, when you visit my site and the index site is 100KB big, and 10 people do this, 1MB bandwidth is gone from the bandwidth I have. That’s OK. They visit jdorg and they are thankful and it is my hobby and people pay much money for their hobbies.

But now there are other people, who take a 100KB pic and just copy the URL of the image, and include it to their own site. And 10 people visit your site and again 1MB bandwidth of the bandwidth I paid for is gone. BUT although they not even visited this site.

So you stole the BANDWIDTH from me.

And this is nothing I thought is not nice and that’s why I forbid it, it is FORBIDDEN in the USA.
And if everybody direct links the images of my site, I will soon have to close it , because I cannot pay the bandwidth anymore.

And talking of 1MB above, I installed a script to find out who hotlinks me and found out I have 100MB bandwidth stolen the DAY. This makes 3GB bandwidth the month, and 1GB costs 2$, this means, people steal 6$ the month from me.


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Johnny to produce movie about late Russian spy

As Variety reports Warner Bros has bought the movie rights for a book yet to be written about late former KGB agent Alexaner Litvinenko. Johnny’s production company will develop the project for Warner, as Variety reports. Whether he wil star in the movie himself is not yet clear. Read more about it here VARIETY

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Johnny sweeps People’s Choice Awards

Johnny and DMC are the winners of this year’s edition of the People’s Choice Awards. Winners were chosen by public internet ballotting. And Johnny won the awards for “male movie star”, “male action star”, and, together with Keira Knightley “favourite on-screen matchup”. Furthermore DMC won the awards for “favourite movie” as well as “favourite movie drama”. Being in London Johnny could not be there in person to accept this award but made a satellite appearance from London. Read more link: HERE

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many screencaps added

Thanks to some helpful people and myself 😀 I could add lots of screencaps today:

from the latest Hunter S. Thompson documentation Buy the ticket, take the ride, capped by myself, which I already added some time ago,

caps from God’s gonna cut you down have been added a month ago already, capped by Beth,

today I added caps from the extras from the Brave, thanks to Conny,

and Jenna (Deppislove) was so kind to cap the first 7 episodes of 21 Jump Street, which I just added.

Some are still uploaded, the ftp connection just is not faster than it is, but they should all be there in a few hours.

I hope to have the screencaps completed soon,
whoever wants to help, just look into the screencaps index site which screencaps we still need!

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