Month: December 2006

Movies Online – 2006

Q. Why is this the character you can revisit over and over?

Depp: I just feel like I’m not done. I just feel like there are more things you could do. Because, I suppose, with a character like this, the parameters are a little broader, so there are more possibilities I think. And he’s a fun character to play. I was really not looking forward to saying goodbye to him.

Q. Any pirate adventures you still want to do, not touched on in Pirates 3 yet?

Depp: Time travel, why not? No, I don’t know. Ted (Elliott) and Terry (Rossio), the writers, and Gore (Verbinski), what they were able to do on the first one and then taking that to what they’ve done now with the second one and then going into the third, it’s pretty amazing. We’re getting close to just even stretching the boundaries a bit more.

Q. How much freedom do you have to improvise?

Depp: I think with everything you do, it’s always? You have the basic structure, you have your basic bones and a solid foundation. But with every one, you do your best to kind of explore it as much as possible while you’re shooting. It could be something that comes to you, like sometimes it just comes to me when I’m reading a script. A line will just come to me, and I’ll incorporate it into the thing and obviously run it by Ted and Terry and Gore and the other actors certainly.

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Infinitum Nihil acquires option for Lord Whimsy’s book

Johnny’s production company Infinitum Nihil has signed a book option agreement for “THE AFFECTED PROVINCIAL’S COMPANION – vol. 1” by Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy -“an eccentric, humorous and slightly bittersweet autobiographical account of the author’s life as a reclusive dandy and country gentleman. .”

Read more about Lord Whimsy on his HOMEPAGE.

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Johnny’s tribute to Hunter S. Thompson: A Pair of Deviant Bookends

By Johnny Depp

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.” These are the words that echo in my skull. The words that our Good Doctor lived by and, by God, died by. He dictated, created, commanded, demanded, manipulated, manhandled and snatched life up by the short hairs and only relinquished his powerful grasp when he was ready. There’s the rub. When he was ready. That is what we are left with. We are here, without him. But in no way are we left with nothing, far from it. We have his words, his books, his insights, his humor and his truth. For those of us lucky enough to have been close to him, which often meant rather lengthy and dangerous occasions that would invariably lead to uncontrollable fits of laughter, we have the memory of his Cheshire grin leading us wherever he felt we needed to go. Which, by the way, was always the right direction, however insane it may have seemed. Yes, the doctor always knew best. I have, seared onto my brain, the millions of hideous little adventures that I was blessed enough to have lived through with him and, frankly, in certain instances, blessed to have lived through. He was/is a brother, a friend, a hero, a father, a son, a teacher, a partner in crime. Our crime: fun. Always, fun.

In December 1995 I was vacationing in Aspen, Colorado….. The f**king town is just lousy with “beautiful people.” My first instinct was to stay inside and drink grog,

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Blow By Blow Introduction

By Johnny Depp

I arrived in New York City late, somewhere around 11.30pm, from Europe. With just enough jet lag to keep my peepers wide open for one too many hours – my brain crowded with the threat of Mr Sun’s arrival, knowing that soon he’d nudge me out of my snooze and into the world. I shut my eyes tight with the hope that he might be tardy.

Woke up the following morning – or rather, a couple of hours later – with a very prompt Mr Sun stabbing through the black protection of my eyelids. The rotten bastard had found me.

I pitched and tossed and turned and spun – doing my best to avoid him – until I just couldn’t take it anymore I forced the heavy lids up and open and stared the eyeballs straight into the beastly light. I dunked my face into the pot of hot coffee and dove out the window and thus began the day. Things to do… Up Awake Onward. Forward.

I made my way downtown to St Mark’s Place to a bookstore of the low-down, the lowbrow, the bohemian, the subterranean-counterculture-drop-out types. My mission – to get my paws on some fine literature suitable for… well, you’ll find out. First and foremost, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by the good doctor himself, Dr Hunter S Thompson – a must for anyone and everyone… especially anyone in need of a serious excursion from their four walls.

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New Skin!! #8

As a Christmas Present for all the visitors I created an 8th skin, featuring the newer pic of the Rolston Photo Session 2006.

See a preview here, and chose it by clicking onto the thumbnail.

I really hope, you like it,
it looks btter in big than on that thumbnail, and you can change back to another skin anytime you like, yo try it:


//additionally we can now celebrate the visitor No 500,000

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NEW SECTION!! and Sorted Wallpapers!

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE from all of the JDorg staff.

Secondly, I have been extremely busy today, spending hours of time updating the site just for you.

There is a BRAND NEW SECTION in the fanart called Costumes!!! Here you can find various creations made by fans who’ve made an item similar to a character or Johnny himself. The first addition is a full Jack Sparrow costume made by Elodie!!

The Wallpapers have also been lovingly sorted into the following categories:
Real Life

These 250(ish) wallpapers were sorted so that JDorg is simpler for you!!

I hope that my many hours of work are the greatest christmas gift that I could give to you all.
Merry Christmas from Catherine!!

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First pic of Johnny and Keith Richards in PotC3!!

The first pic of Johnny Depp and Keith Richards in the movie PotC3 appeared at!

Keith Richards has a short cameo to play Captain Jack Sparrow’s father in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – at worlds’ end.

The pic was taken from Martin Klebba’s personal collection and sent to To not make him any trouble we have taken down the link to the site having it, but there are already so many sites having it uploaded.

A short description of what I saw:
a Keith Richards in a 1:1 copied Jack Sparrow look. That makes not only me a bit said: isn’t our beloved Jack Sparrow the individual pirate we always thought, but just a cheap copy of his dad? We exspected a bit more individualism!

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New news staffer at the end!

Since nobody wanted to be in the staff as a news staffer,
I decided to ask carezza, if she’d like to take over that job.

I really expected a “no, too much work”,
but she said YES!!!

So here she is, our dear new news staffer CAREZZA!!

Thank you so much for your help, Carezza!

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