Month: June 2006

Johnny Depp Denies He’ll Play Pal Michael Hutchence In Film

andPOP – Johnny Depp has laughed off reports he will play Michael Hutchence in a new film about the life of the late INXS frontman, reports Ninemsn – by Jennifer Weatherhead.

“It’s not true,” Depp told reporters in Los Angeles while promoting his new film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

In fact Depp didn’t even know about the film until a friend sent him a clipping of a media report stating he would play the part. The film “Slide Away” is about the life and death of Hutchence, who was found dead in his hotel room in Sydney in 1997.

“Somebody sent that to me and I read it and thought ‘Wow, that’s kind of interesting’,” Depp said, laughing about the media story. “No-one ever approached me about it. I don’t think I’d be the guy to play Michael. I knew him pretty well. He was pretty broad, Michael. He was kind of a glam guy. He was like a god, like a shaman, so I don’t think I’d be the guy.”

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Johnny thanks his long-time agent Tracey Jacobs

Agent Tracey Jacobs was selected by VARIETY, the Hollywood trade paper, as a “Woman of Impact,” one of the most influential females in an industry where powerful women are still a rarity. Ms. Jacobs has represented Johnny Depp since his early days in Hollywood; in fact, it was Tracey who prevailed upon Johnny to meet Tim Burton and discuss playing EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. Johnny has often spoken of Tracey’s loyalty to him despite career choices that could drive an ordinary agent round the bend–for example, turning down blockbusters like SPEED while electing to make the little-seen (but thoroughly brilliant) DEAD MAN. “Tracey’s taken a lot of heat over the years,” Johnny told TIME’s Josh Tyrangiel last year. “She has bosses and higher-ups, and every time I take on another strange project, they’re going, ‘[…]When does he do a movie where he kisses the girl? When does he get to pull a gun out and shoot somebody? […] When is he finally going to do a blockbuster?’”

Ironically, Tyrangiel added, when Johnny Depp’s blockbuster opportunity came around, “his long-suffering agent didn’t want him to take the part” of Captain Jack Sparrow. “He was pitched the movie without a script,” Tracey told Tyrangiel. “They basically said, ‘We’re going to make a movie out of this theme-park ride. Want to do it?’ And he said, ‘Great! I’m in. I believe in the idea.’ I just thought, What idea, you lunatic?”

Today Johnny celebrated Tracey’s being named a “Woman of Impact” by publishing the following letter in tribute to her. The letter appeared as a a full-page ad in today’s VARIETY, July 29, 2005:

Darling Tracey,

Thank you is not nearly enough. You believed in me when no one else did, or would. You stuck by me through great difficulties, ugliness and beauty while others turned away. Your friendship, bravery, wisdom, strength, trust and love know no bounds. I am humbled by your devotion, inspired by your courage and conviction, blessed to have you in my life and proud to call you friend. I love you more than you will ever be able to comprehend.

As the old saying goes, “I’m nothing without you.”


The Zone thanks Micdus for posting the text of the letter, Jacks_Effects for the TIME magazine story, and emma for posting the VARIETY article about Tracey Jacobs on the News & Views forum. We congratulate Tracey Jacobs and wish her all possible success and happiness in the coming years.
/ / July 29, 2005

**Article from website.

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Johnny Depp is learning to speak French

Tonight – June 22, 2006 – The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor – who lives in France with his long-term partner French star Vanessa Paradis – took a crash course in the language to keep up with his bilingual children.

He told Britain’s OK! magazine: “I still have the world’s worst French accent but I’m working on it.

Depp revealed that Paradis converses with their children, Lily-Rose and Jack, in her native tongue, but they have to speak to him in English.

My daughter is usually willing to make allowances for me and even says, ‘Oh, c’est tr

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Johnny Depp on Dead Man’s Chest

Source: Heather Newgen June 23, 2006

Coming Soon – Oscar nominee Johnny Depp sets sail once again with his ship the Black Pearl, creating mayhem in the high seas as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Depp, dressed in a white t-shirt which sported his tattoos, jeans and a gray hat, couldn’t have been nicer to at a press day for the film. He signed autographs, posed for a picture and was even concerned about a reporter’s tape recorder not being close enough on the table. Who would have thought?

CS: Why is this the character you can revisit over and over?
Depp: I just feel like I’m not done. I just feel like there are more things you could do. Because, I suppose, with a character like this, the parameters are a little broader, so there are more possibilities I think. And he’s a fun character to play. I was really not looking forward to saying goodbye to him.

CS: How much freedom do you have to improvise?
Depp: You have the basic structure, you have your basic bones and a solid foundation. But with every one, you do your best to kind of explore it as much as possible while you’re shooting. It could be something that comes to you, like sometimes it just comes to me when I’m reading a script. A line will just come to me and I’ll incorporate it into the thing and obviously run it by Ted and Terry and Gore and the other actors certainly. So it can happen that way or it can just happen in the spur of the moment which is more fun in a way, when something just happens because if you feel it and you do it in a big, wide master shot, it alters the rhythm for a second and it kind of throws the thing, takes the bottom out from under you for a second which is quite fun because you sort of see honest reactions all around. People panic for a second, and that kind of panic is fun and I think important, good for you.

CS: The executives panicked the first time. Did the audience prove you right?
Depp: The executives did panic. I mean, bless ’em, they did panic on the first one. And probably to some degree for good reason. But also, I think it’s prerequisite to become an executive, you have to have that capability to panic instantly and do your best to resolve it as quickly as possible.

CS: Were you surprised it became so popular, that you’re a crowd pleaser now?
Depp: I was definitely never a crowd pleaser. May not be after this one, you never know. I was very surprised, incredibly surprised, still am that “Pirates” did as well as it did and that the character made some friends out there. I am still surprised and touched.

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Johnny Depp Sets Sail for a Swashbuckling Good Time

“Extra’s” Carlos Diaz sat down with the ever-cordial Johnny Depp to discuss his Rolling Stone idol, how he keeps his family grounded and why Captain Jack is even more unique in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”

In the sequel, you may find Captain Jack slightly more heroic this time around. “You’re never quite sure why he’s doing something,” Depp hinted. “He’s always thinking a bit; think ahead of the curve. You’re not quite sure what his motivation is.”

Johnny also revealed his kids were quite excited about bringing Captain Jack back aboard the big screen. “They were excited,” he said. “They came on the set, but they’re sort of like, ?Oh yeah, there’s Dad.

Depp added that even though he and Vanessa Paradis and their two children are spending more and more time in the states, they still prefer their life away from Hollywood in France. “We live in the country,” he revealed. “Everything is very, very simple and very basic. And normal, which is important.”

Depp revealed he’ll soon be shooting scenes with Captain Jack’s on-screen dad, Rolling Stone rocker Keith Richards. “I’m more than confident that Keith is going to arrive and blow us all off the screen,” Johnny promised.

Please visit the website for a sneak peek into Johnny video and slide show.


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Not talking about H?wood is secret of Depp?s happy relationship with Paradis

ZeeNews – Johnny Depp claims the secret to his happy relationship with Vanessa Paradis is that they never speak about Hollywood.

He said: “We have a miraculous understanding of one another – and we don’t ever talk about the business. We don’t talk about her work or my work. So our life in that sense is very simple.”

Depp – who has previously dated a number of famous beauties, including supermodel Kate Moss – also claims the reason he and Vanessa are so happy is because they are best friends as well as lovers.

He added: “We are great, great friends and are very much in love.”


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Pirates sequel gets US premiere

BBC NEWS – The first film was a global blockbuster and earned praise for its cast, especially Johnny Depp.

The movie has returned to its spiritual home: the film was based on a theme park ride at the children’s resort.

“The sort of horizon has been broadened ever so slightly,” said Depp. “We were able to put a few new things in. Bits and bobs.”

The star confirmed that the rock and roll legend was in talks to have a role in the third film, which is currently in production.

“They are talking about it. Yeah, they are talking about it,” he told AP television news.

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Truly, madly, Depply

Has the success of the Pirates franchise trapped Johnny Depp in the mainstream fame he has avoided for so long? – by Stephanie Bunbury for The Age.

Just off the top of my head, here are three very good things about Johnny Depp:

(a) He is, as the Victorians used to say, as beautiful as the day.

(b) He isn’t stupid.

(c) He doesn’t say much.

Which makes him a film journalist’s dream, really. In fact, I don’t know of any movie hack who doesn’t go a bit mushy round the edges when JD’s name comes up. Johnny Depp is one of the great Hollywood stories: the untrained teen heartthrob who turned out to be one of the truly serious, committed and brilliant screen actors of our era; the bad boy turned good; the romantic adventurer who finally met the right woman – French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, with whom he now has two children – and settled down, just as romantically, in the Provencale countryside. [More…]


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A ?Pirates? surprise for Johnny Depp

Access Hollywood – Actor shares golden moment with Maria Menounos

…”Now did your kids to see this (Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man’s Chest) yet or will they see it?” Maria asked Johnny.

“They haven’t seen it yet because I haven’t seen it yet,” Johnny revealed. “As a parent I think the responsible thing to do is check it out, for the little ones, just to make sure there’s nothing that’ll spook them.”

“When will you see it?” Maria followed up.

“I will fight tooth and nail until the very last minute, until they push me in front of the screen and then I’ll see it,” Johnny grinned.

So why the hesitation?

“It’s just always weird for me to watch myself. I’ve never been comfortable with it. I have the experience, that’s enough for me,” he admitted… [More…]

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