Month: January 2006

Oscars: Johnny not nominated!

We are so sorry to tell that Johnny was not nominated for an Academy Award this year. The nomnations for best actor went to Philip Seymour Hoffman, Terrence Howard, Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix and David Strathairn.

But Tim Burton’s Corspe Bride was nominated for best animated feature, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory got a nomination for best costume design – so lets hope for Tim Burton and everyone involved into Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

You can watch the whole nominees list here

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Corpse Bride Released on DVD today!

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Released on DVD today!- January 31, 2006 – In this typically twisted animated feature from Tim Burton, a young man jokingly places his fiance’s engagement ring on a skeleton’s finger, inadvertently bringing to life a dead woman who insists she is his bride. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson and Albert Finney provide voices.

PG, Some scary images, action, brief mild language.

77 minutes, 2 seconds

Warner Bros.

Animated, Animation


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Johnny to produce Caliber

28 January 2006 – Barely a year after opening shop, Toronto’s Speakeasy Comics has been approached by HBO to serialize TV’s No. 1 Mafia clan, and has Johnny Depp knocking at its door by BARRETT HOOPER for the THE GLOBE AND MAIL.

Speakeasy has already cozied up to actors Rosario Dawson and Johnny Depp, director John Woo, and the guy who made Catwoman (although Fortier asks that you not judge the director based on that bit of star-driven, studio-controlled kitty litter). The plan calls for Speakeasy to publish four new comics, starting in May, that will then be made into feature films.

Occult Crimes Taskforce will publish in May, along with Caliber, a reimagining of the Arthurian legend as a western, with King Arthur as the town sheriff, Lancelot as a gunslinger and Guinevere as a saloonkeeper. It’s based on an idea brought to Speakeasy by Depp and his producing partner. Depp will produce and possibly star in the movie version; Woo, who directed Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2, will direct. “We got lucky and attached some good people to it,” says Fortier. “John Woo was supposed to make another western, but the funding fell through so he jumped on board pretty quick.”

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Screencaps finished

As you may have seen I updated the screencaps section –
I added all those I already made and redesigned the index site.

The movie pics got a brand new index site as well and I added pics too
all movies I have some, especially by Claudia donated the Brave, Dead
Man and Fear and Loathing movie pics.
As well as from the recent movies the Libertine and the PotC pics
existing yet.

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Shantaram to be shot in Andamans

Port Blair: Andaman and Nicobar’s famous Havelock Island will host big-time Hollywood actors for a big budget movie to begin shooting soon according to the Mumbai Mirror.

‘Shantaram’ is about a man who becomes a drug addict and bank robber, escapes from an Australian prison and flees to Mumbai, where he works as a doctor in slums and also gets involved with the underworld. The prize winning book is by author George David Roberts. The lead role in the movie will be played by Johnny Depp while Russel Crowe and Emma Watson will also star in the movie.

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11th Annual Moviefone Moviegoer Awards

BUSINESS WIRE– VOTE for Johnny Depp in the 11th Annual Moviefone Moviegoer Awards.

The Moviefone Moviegoer Awards, a long-running awards program from where the movie-going public determines the year’s best films and performances. While most industry awards have focused on smaller independent fare thus far, the Moviefone Moviegoer Award nominations run the gamut from high-grossing blockbusters like King Kong and Wedding Crashers to indie films that caused a sensation due to strong word of mouth, like Brokeback Mountain.

Johnny Depp, who won Best Actor in the last two Moviegoer Awards for his roles in Finding Neverland and Pirates of the Caribbean, goes for the hat trick with his third nomination in as many years for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Beginning today, moviegoers everywhere can visit the web site to cast their votes. Voting ends on February 24 and the winners will be announced on February 28.

YES! I want to vote for Johnny! Click here!

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Veteran Lee: Number One Actor is Johnny Depp

Veteran actor Christopher Lee has criticised the new wave of young Hollywood stars, claiming they are chosen for their looks rather than their talent – By Anita Singh, PA Showbusiness Editor, Press Association Newswire. 18 January 2006.

The 83-year-old screen legend lamented the state of modern cinema.
Movie bosses prize beauty and youth over acting experience, with often disastrous results, he said. The only young actor Lee did find praise for was Johnny Depp. The pair have co-starred together in three films, most recently Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Lee said: ‘The number one actor in the world as far as I’m concerned is Johnny Depp. He’s not afraid of a challenge, he’s not afraid of anything.”

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Caitlin’s Battle Comes to an End

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People Magazine – January 30, 2006 – The mailbag page (page 8) of this issue has a short follow-up on a earlier story People did introducing a young girl suffering from metastatic osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer in A Place to Say Goodbye, October 31, 2005.

Caitlin Dolahan, 18, received a phone call from Johnny Depp according to this report from People before she died. Below is the follow-up story in it’s entirity.

Caitlin’s Battle Comes to an End

In many ways Caitlin Dolaghan was just like any other California teen -worried about getting her driver’s license and what to wear to the prom. But when we introduced Caitlin then 18, to our readers last fall in a story about the nation’s first free standing hospice for kids (“A Place to Say Goodbye,” Oct. 31, 2005) she was also battling metastatic osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Earlier this month Caitlin lost her fight. She died at home on Jan. 12, surrounded by her mother Carol, dad John, sister Peggy and brother Wilson.

PEOPLE chronicled Caitlin’s struggle and also the time she spent at George Mark Children’s House , an extraordinary San Leandro, Calif., facility for dying kids, where she volunteered as an art instructor. Says GMCH cofounder Kathy Hull: “Caitlin’s willingness to share and the time and energy she spent to tell her story to so many people were amazing.” Our readers thought so too. Some 250 made financial donations to the home. Two people called Caitlin personally to offer support: Amy Lee, lead singer of Caitlin’s favorite band, Evanescence, and Johnny Depp, who phoned from a movie set in the Bahamas to invite Caitlin to Los Angeles – a trip she never got the chance to make. The memory of Caitlin’s courage remains vivid for those of us who came to know her.

Donations in her honor can be made to Comfort for Kids at

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Orlando Bloom Spills on Pirates – Orlando Bloom talks to Entertainment Weekly for the 2006 preview, about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest the much-anticipated sequel.

***Contains Spoilers***

Orlando Bloom: “There’s a huge sword sequence, which, if it isn’t the sword sequence that puts all sword sequences to bed, then I can’t imagine what anyone could ever pull out of the ether to top it,” he declares. It’s a clash among three characters – including his Will Turner and Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow – “on a big water-mill wheel as it rolls down a hill. And we fight on top of it, and around it, and inside it. It’s crazy.”

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