Month: January 2005

Johnny Depp: The acting outlaw

Tuesday, 25 January, 2005 – BBC News – Johnny Depp, whose latest role was Peter Pan creator JM Barrie in Finding Neverland, is celebrated as one of Hollywood’s most maverick talents…Depp has become an unlikely major star, given his preference for taking dark and idiosyncratic roles instead of surefire box office hits.

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Academy Awards Nomination


Johnny just got his second Oscar Nomination:
as best Actor in a leading role for his play in Finding Neverland.

Finding Neverland got 6 more nominations:
Best Picture,
Art Direction,
Costume Design,
Film Editing,
Best Score,
Writing (adapted Screenplay)

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BAFTA and Benefit Gala

After the disappointment yesterday now good news:

Finding Neverland and Johnny are nominated at the BAFTAS:
Johnny Depp — Best Actor
Kate winslet — Best Actress
Julie Christie — Best Supporting Actress
David Mcgee — Screen Adaption
Marc Forster — Direction film
Finding Neverland — Best Film
Alexandra Byrne — Costume Design
Gemma Jackson — Production Design
Roberto Schaefer — Cinematography
Jan A P Kaczmarek — Soundtrack
Christine Blundell — Make up and Hair

And: Johnny was at the international Tsunami Benefit Gala to call the people on the phone.

Merry K from JD Reads and Inspired by Depp allowed me, to put her video of Johnny at the Gala on my site. Thank you, Merry!

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FlippinSweet22’s Phone Call

He said “Hey, this is Johnny Depp. Thank you for calling Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope.” I said “Is this really Johnny Depp?” he said “Yeah, it’s really me” then he laughed a little. I said “Cool” and then he laughed again. He asked “Where are you from?” I said “San Jose, California” He said “Really? Cool.” I almost cried. “Then he asked I how I will be donating, then I told him. He explained the details. And then at the end he said “Alright, your donatation really helps the victims of the Tsunami. Thanks” I said “No problem, I can’t believe I got to talk to Johnny Depp!” He said “Oh, thank you very much” I said “I’m a huge fan” and he says “Thanks. Hey, don’t forget to check out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in July!” I said “Oh, I won’t I have it marked on my calendar!” He said “Alright, well thanks for calling” Then we hung up. I almost fainted………..

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Tasha’s Phone Call

I got to talk to him last night and he managed to persuade me to donate $50. He sounded like an angel on the phone. It was so awsome. When he answered the Phone he said this is Johnny Depp how much would you like to donate? I was like what? I said is this really Johnny Depp and he said yeah I nearly died. I said wave to the camera so I know its you and he did. I told him i donate $5 bucks and he said you can do better than that. He ask me if I was going to see his next movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and i said yes and I told him ive seen the trailer about 10 times and he was funny and he said he tries to be. I told him im pregnant with my first baby and I was going to name him Johnny but my fiancee absolutly forbid it so I managed to get him stick with Joshua David and he said thats a cute name and he told me to rest and take it easy and to write him when I have the baby. He told me he would send a Autograph picture to me if i donated $50 and I did. His laugh is so cute. I told him congrats on winning the Peoples Choice Awards for best Actor and he said thank you and then I told him good luck tonight on winning the Golden Globes for FInding Neverland. I told him that was my favorite so far. He said thank you for both. I saw he was sitting next to Ray Ramono and I said can you hug him and tell him his show is great and he hands the phone to Ray and I nearly died. I told him I loved his show and he said thank you and gave the phone back to Johnny. Johnny told me thank you for the donation and told me he had to take more calls and I said I love you to him and he said I love you too and he hung up. My fiancee looked at me like I was crazy and I nearly fainted but I just screamed with joy. I talked to that gorgeous hunk I think for 30 mintues
but it seemed forever and when I got off the phone my fiancee told me i was on there for 30 mintues. I was like wow.

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