After Amber Heard’s Sister Claims She Saw Johnny Depp Punch His Ex-Wife, Depp’s Lawyers Seek To Strike Back With Leaked Video


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(Press Association) Johnny Depp’s lawyers have been provided with a video from “an anonymous source” which they say shows Amber Heard “attacked” her sister, the High Court has heard. On Friday morning, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star’s barrister David Sherborne said they had received a video from a “confidential source” on Thursday night, after […]

Amber Heard Claims She Hit Johnny Depp After He Tried to Throw Her Sister Down the Stairs


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Amber Heard is making a very serious allegation.

The 34-year-old actress claimed in court on Tuesday (July 22) that the first time she hit ex Johnny Depp was in 2015 when she defended her sister Whitney from being thrown down the stairs.

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If you didn’t know, Johnny is in the middle of a libel lawsuit against British tabloid The Sun and News Group Newspapers for calling him a “wife beater,” which he denies.

During the testimony, Amber dismissed the accusations that she fabricated allegations of domestic violence against Johnny, according to ABC News and THR.

She also said she hit Johnny for the first time in March 2015 to defend her sister.

“He was about to push her down the stairs and the moment before that happened, I remembered information I had heard that he pushed a former girlfriend — I believe it was Kate Moss — down the stairs…I will never forget this incident. It was the first time after all these years.”

She was then questioned by Johnny‘s lawyers about why she’d never brought up the allegation involving Kate before.

“I’ve not had the liberty of time or space or energy even to list every thought that crossed my mind,” she said.

The lawyer accused her of weaving a “web of lies” and “making this up as you go along.”

“I can just tell you after everything I had been through; I had been strangled, punched, sexually assaulted, among other things,” Amber said.

Amber Heard‘s private texts to her mother were just released.

Pictured below: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp arrive at The Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday (July 23) in London, England.

Amber Heard’s Private Text Messages to Her Mother Released


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Amber Heard‘s private text messages that she sent to her mother in 2013 have been released in court amid Johnny Depp‘s trial against a UK tabloid for calling him a “wife beater.” Johnny has denied all claims of domestic abuse in his relationship with Amber.

In a witness statement, Amber said that she and Johnny got into a violent fight in March of 2013 over a painting by her ex-partner Tasya van Ree that was in her home.

A text to her late mom read, “It’s terrible, mum. I don’t know what to do.” Another text to her mom read, “He’s nuts, mum. Violent and crazy. I’m heartbroken that this is who I love.”

Another text was read aloud which said, “I feel like I’m on a very fast train that’s about to explode, but I don’t want to jump off and leave my love behind. So I stay on the train, even though I know it’s about to explode.”

About these texts, Amber told the court, “I was so in love with Johnny at that time. We had had a wonderful year together where he was sober and clean and that is how I got to know him. And Johnny, when he was like that, (is) generous, loving, he is a remarkable man when he is like that. I loved him and I didn’t want to lose that… the other side of him was a monster, but I always held out hope that he would get clean and sober.”

In another message, Amber‘s mom suggested she tell her father about the alleged abuse, to which Amber responded, “I can’t tell dad.”

Amber continued, “I felt safe to tell my mother, but I didn’t know how my dad would react. I had never been in this situation before and I didn’t know if he would react violently… to Johnny. I didn’t want to make it worse.”

Another text was also read aloud between Amber and Johnny‘s former assistant, who said he was coming to get Johnny at noon. At 6pm, Amber said she was able to get Johnny to come down.

“What was going on between noon… and about 6 o’clock that evening?” Amber was asked, to which she responded, “Johnny refused to leave… (he was) snorting lines of cocaine, drinking whisky and he was saying we really need to work this out, he wanted to get to the bottom of it. He wanted me to admit that I was having an affair with, not only Tasya van Ree, my ex-partner, but also a gentleman I hardly knew… he had just gotten it in his mind that I had these affairs and he wouldn’t leave until I admitted it.”

Amber also gave testimony earlier in the week about nicknames Johnny Depp had for some fellow actors.

Amber Heard Sent Series Of Texts To Her Mom In 2013 Calling Johnny Depp “Violent & Crazy”


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(Press Association) Johnny Depp is a “remarkable man” when he is “clean and sober” but the “other side of him was a monster,” Amber Heard has told the High Court. In her fourth day in the witness box in her ex-husband’s libel case against The Sun newspaper, the Aquaman actress said she had been “so […]

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Threw Bottles at Her ‘Like Grenades’


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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are back in court.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor and the Aquaman actress were separately spotted arriving at the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday (July 22) in London, England.

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Johnny is suing News Group Newspapers (NGN) and The Sun’s executive editor, Dan Wootton, over an article published in 2018 that referred to him as a “wife beater.” He has repeatedly denied these allegations.

During the day’s procedures, Amber accused Johnny of throwing dozens of bottles at her “like grenades,” saying he threw “all the bottles in reach” towards her during an explosive 2015 fight on a trip to Australia.

“He started picking them [bottles] up one by one and throwing them like grenades,” she said, adding that it was “around 30 in total.”

“He threw all the bottles that were in reach, all except for one which was a celebratory magnum-sized bottle of wine.”

Amber was accused of lying in court by one of Johnny Depp‘s lawyers, Eleanor Laws.

Footage from Johnny and Amber‘s Thanksgiving celebration in November 2015 was played for the courtroom. Find out what happened…

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Accuses Amber Heard of Lying in Court After Describing Alleged Abuse


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Amber Heard was accused of lying in court by one of Johnny Depp‘s lawyers, Eleanor Laws.

In court today, footage from Johnny and Amber‘s Thanksgiving celebration in November 2015 was played for the courtroom and showed guests apparently having a good time.

Amber had previously said that Johnny had been abusive with her that night, and Johnny‘s lawyer asked her to explain the footage shown to the court room as no violence could be seen.

Amber said, “Our fights never happened in front of the family. They typically happened after everyone had gone to bed.”

Laws then said, “You are making up this up as you go along.”

Then, Laws focused on a different night in December of 2015 where Amber previously said was “one of the worst and most violent nights of our relationship.” Laws read the witness statement which included Amber saying he had ripped out her hair and punched her. Laws said, “That’s just a complete set of lies, isn’t it?”

Amber replied, “No.”

“You didn’t have any bruises at all when you saw [nurse] Erin Boerum, did you?” Laws added, to which Amber responded, “I had two black eyes, a broken nose, a broken rib… I had bruises all over my body. I had bruised ribs, bruises all over my body, bruises on my forearms from trying to defend the blows. I had two black eyes, I had a broken nose, I had a broken lip… the really bad ones (bruises) were in my hairline, on my scalp. There was chunks of hair missing, there was pus in those wounds in my hair line, dark red bruises… purple-red on my temples and on my chin. The inside of my upper lip was cut.”

Laws added, “This is just nonsense, isn’t it? She (Ms Boerum) didn’t see any bruising… you had just bitten your lip because there was fresh blood on it. Had you just done that for her benefit?”

Amber then replied, “Of course not.”

Johnny is suing a UK tabloid for calling him a wife beater and he has repeatedly denied these allegations.

In court earlier this week, Amber‘s private conversations with two celebrities were also made public.

Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Threw Bottles At Her “Like Grenades” During Alleged Row In Australia


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(Press Association) Amber Heard has claimed Johnny Depp threw bottles “like grenades” during an alleged explosive row in Australia. The Aquaman actress claimed she was “too scared to look behind” her as the actor threw “all the bottles in reach” – around 30 in total. Heard, 34, was asked about the alleged incident in Australia […]

Amber Heard Claps Back at Johnny Depp’s Statement Saying She Married Him For His Money


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Amber Heard heads out of the Royal Courts of Justice at The Strand on Tuesday afternoon (July 21) in London, England.

After another day in court for Johnny Depp‘s libel case against News Group Newspapers (NGN) and The Sun‘s executive editor, Dan Wootton, the 34-year-old actress testified again today about her physical relationship with her ex-husband.

One of her private text messages with James Franco was played in court against Johnny, who was named a “wife beater” by the aforementioned publication.

“While these proceedings are not brought against me personally, they are directed at the veracity of my allegation of domestic violence,” Amber shared in her witness statement, via Yahoo Entertainment. “I am astounded that years after our divorce agreement was concluded, I continue to have to answer his continued harassment and bullying, and I continue to be blamed by him for a mess of his own making.”

She also denied Johnny‘s claims about her marrying him just for money.

“As for what Johnny says about my so-called ‘agenda’ in marrying him — for financial benefit or to somehow further my career — that is preposterous,” she shared. “I remained financially independent from him the whole time we were together and the entire amount of my divorce settlement was donated to charity. In fact, my desire to remain financially independent was one of the main sources of conflict during our relationship.”

Learn more about the trial between Johnny and Amber on now…

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Amber Heard Admits Punching Johnny Depp After Recalling Rumor He Pushed Kate Moss Down The Stairs


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(Press Association) Amber Heard has claimed she punched Johnny Depp to stop him pushing her sister down the stairs after remembering a “rumour” he had done the same to Kate Moss. The Aquaman actress told the High Court that this “information” was “fresh in my mind” during the alleged incident in 2015, and she reacted […]

Elon Musk Texted Amber Heard Offering “24/7 Security” After She Claimed Johnny Depp Threw Phone At Her


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(Press Association) Elon Musk offered to provide Amber Heard with “24/7 security” and told the actress “I really like you,” the High Court has heard. The Tesla founder is said to have made the offer in May 2016, during a text message exchange in which Heard, 34, told him she was going to obtain a […]