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In the never ending quest to understand Johnny and his world, I had become interested in those that are close to him in different ways. One of the longest friends of Johnny is Mr. Jonathan Shaw. What I expected to learn about this man from his answers was not at all what I brought away from the information before my eyes. I can truly say what had begun as intimidation, turned to pure wonder and enlightment with this man who calls Johnny his soul brother.

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“Watching Jonathan tattoo, you notice his hands move with the fluency of a painter as he applies his brushstrokes to the canvas. Reading his newer art form writing, the same feeling of an artist?s soul glimpsing out from beyond the shroud can be seen. I asked him if he felt this in one form more than another. […] Jonathan Shaw. There are many words different people may use to describe him. What some may see as only a shallow, brash and impetuous incendiary; actually is a true philosophical, transcendent soul. With layers of insight waiting to be peeled away.”

quoting Jonathan Shaw about Johnny
Jonathion Shaw and Johnny“You know that indefinable thing that just draws certain people to each other. Who knows? It’s like we just spoke the same language or something, right from the start.”

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