Kirkus Reviews New Depp Book

The latest biography of Hollywood’s most endearing swashbuckler – actor – pirate – all-around-good-guy and former-rebel, THE SECRET WORLD OF JOHNNY DEPP, by Nigel Goodall was reviewed on SEPTEMBER 15, 2006 by Kirkus Reviews.

“…Thimble-deep bio of misfit maestro Johnny Depp…Intrepid celebrity biographer Goodall (Christian Slater, 2006) here updates his 2004 tome What’s Eating Johnny Depp?, re-titling his efforts The Secret World of Johnny Depp; most curious, considering the fact that this ungainly hodgepodge of previously published interviews, biographies and promotional materials contains nothing that could be construed as a ‘secret’…”

The Secret World of Johnny Depp will be released 12/1/2006, has 288 pages and is published by John Blake/Trafalgar.

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