is back!

After being gone more than half a year, found a kind new host and owner with Free Fansite Hosting.

Though I can’t deny I absolutely fell in love again now that I uploaded it, I am, as former admin, not able to actively care for the site any further and keep it updated. Nevertheless I thought it would be sad to simply erase such an immense archive of information about this wonderful man.

This means, that is open for adoption and will be running as an archive (probably the biggest Johnny Depp archive in the web) until we found a new webmaster.

Please apply at the FFH Fansite Adoption site

Possible adopters, here a short overview what the empire offers:

  • free host, so you don’t have any running costs
  • an established website existing since 2004
  • around 40GB of content
  • 11GB for over 92000 pics well structured
  • 27GB / >1140 video clips
  • over 2800 posts (news, articles…)
  • >245 pages (like our unique Tattoos page, biography, movie info sites, movie scripts)
  • >3800 comments (non spam)
  •  806 quotes in Quotationally
  • responsive WordPress theme with Splider header that can easily be updated with new pics
  • facebook page “jdorg” with right now >1700 followers
  • twitter account “jdorg”
  • free google apps account for the emails
  • we had, a year ago, 4000 daily visits (not hits)


  • So glad it’s back! If really true ….it was my favorite place to go to and talk with my friends ….all my hopes ginny

  • Thanks for the site. Just wanted to say that before Johnny retires from acting he should play a vampire in a serious vampire movie as a sexy suave vampire with little violence. Also, wonder if he has ever considered playing a circus performer.

  • Sejam Bem vindos de volta! Muito felizes por vocês! Good news!

  • Have really missed the Johnny Depp .ORG website, it is the best on the net.

  • Have really missed Johnny It’s great you are back, as it is the best site on the net
    and does not contain spurious gossip about the great JD, but celebrates his acting , musical,
    directorial and production prowess! JD is the greatest actor on the planet!

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