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Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp Blu-ray Release Date, Details and Pre-Order (Updated)

Update: Online retailer has begun taking pre-orders on Blu-ray and DVD to pre-order for $25.19, 30% off the $34.99 list price.

Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, and Helena Bonham Carter has been given an October 2 release date on Blu-ray and DVD by Warner Home Video.

Dark Shadows on Blu-ray will include a DVD, UltraViolet and digital copy version of the film that is based on the 1970s television series of the same name. The Blu-ray high-def version will be presented in 1.85:1 1080p video and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.

Bonus features are split between nine “focus points” that will be available in Maximum Movie Mode. These will consist of short behind-the-scenes featurettes that will become available as the movie plays in Warner’s interactive viewing mode:


Aerosmith Tap Johnny Depp, Carrie Underwood for ‘Another Dimension’

The album also includes a number of newer acquaintances. Perry says he was initially skeptical about Carrie Underwood dueting with Tyler on “Beautiful,” which Tyler describes as “a country-western crossover ballad.” But Perry was won over: “Their voices matched up really well. It doesn’t sound forced. It was just right.” While in Los Angeles working on Idol, Tyler met Julian Lennon in his hotel, and Lennon wound up contributing harmony vocals to “Love Three Times a Day,” which Tyler not surprisingly describes as “Beatlesque.” “He’s such a sweet :censored: guy,” Tyler says. “And he’s John’s first son with that voice and sense of humor – gimme a break!” Johnny Depp also added backup vocals to Perry’s politically conscious rocker “Freedom Fighter,” but the song may end up an outtake or on a later deluxe edition of the album, according to Perry.

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Johnny Depp and 21 Jump Street: watch a featurette online now

Warning: contains spoilers

Now be warned, if you haven’t seen the film yet or read up on it much, this featurette contains massive spoilers. So turn around now, and go and watch the film (you really should – it’s a riot, and one of the year’s funniest).

Still with us? Then you’ll know that Johnny Depp – who made his name in the original TV series, before going on to find some success as a movie star – makes an incredible cameo in the film’s third act.

It’s a raucous piece of crowdpleasing fun, much like the movie itself.

Check out the exclusive featurette on Johnny Depp’s 21 Jump Street appearance below:

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‘The Lone Ranger’ rides out of Creede

CREEDE —By the time this is read, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer will be shooting and producing “The Lone Ranger” in their Moab, Utah, location.

It is about 30 degrees hotter than Creede and the cast and crew miss our climate, although not the smoke-filled skies which wafted over from the Little Sand Fire daily.

Restaurant, shop and lodge owners in Creede are happy with their through-the-roof-sales, which are doubled and tripled from a year ago.

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The Tonto Files: Behind the Facepaint

The Tonto Files is an occasional series of ruminations and riffs on Tonto, a fictional sidekick from the radio days who is suddenly the world’s most talked about Indian. That’ll happen to a guy when Johnny Depp plays him in a $250 million summer blockbuster (coming June 2013). In this installment, Jessica Metcalfe consults some experts:

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Johnny Depp Is Said to Buy A Painting by Seattle Artist Kellie Talbot

Ballard-based artist Kellie Talbot makes tightly composed paintings of the eccentric American past of the mid-20th century. She pictures rusted old neon signs seen in daylight (so unlit, fallow), and at close range, as if you were up in their air.

They’re signs of a certain shared history that has splintered; you used to be able to find them all over, from Ballard to Vegas, in places that have since gone their separate ways, aesthetically and economically speaking. What they’re advertising may be gone, but these are such pretty hulks. If the paintings are nostalgic, that’s mitigated by the fact that the signs are suggested rather than seen whole, cut into fragments and details.

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