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Movie News Home Category ‘The Lone Ranger’ Exclusive Clip: Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer Horse Around (VIDEO)

Who would the Lone Ranger be without his horse, Silver?

In this exclusive, behind-the-scenes “docu-pod,” we get a closer look at the horses behind the men of Disney’s adaptation of the masked hero’s story. We also get a glimpse at what could be the makings of a very funny blooper reel of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer trying to work with the majestic animals.

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‘Lone Ranger’ brings swarms of media to Santa Fe

Coming to a place near you: 300 junketing movie journalists.

The press launch for “The Lone Ranger,” the Johnny Depp/Armie Hammer movie filmed largely in New Mexico last year, will take place around Santa Fe starting Monday, according to Santa Fe city government.


Moonlighting Rocker Johnny Depp: A Guitar-Playing Pirate Looks at 50

Johnny Depp turns 50 on June 9, and in many ways, the Lone Ranger star is typical for his age: He had a youthful dream of being a rock star that was thwarted as he had to settle for the mundane, day-to-day drudgery of being one of the world’s most acclaimed and accomplished actors. What middle-ager stuck in a fallback career can’t relate?

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Johnny Depp in Moscow

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars, actor Johnny Depp is going to visit Moscow for the premiere of the film by Gore Verbinski , ” The Lone Ranger . ” With him will come and some other members of the crew: Actor Armie Hammer , producer Jerry Bruckheimer , who has represented the film at an event in Moscow for journalists, and director Gore Verbinski. The Event is scheduled for June 27. The place of arrival is unknown.


Armie Hammer As The Lone Ranger – First Look

Armie Hammer’s on a fast track at the box office this summer. He’s already been in some huge movies (“The Social Network” and “Mirror, Mirror), but as Access’ Billy Bush found out, beginning July 3, you’ll see him in his biggest role yet.

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