Big Kid: Why Johnny Depp is in No hurry to Grow Up

JOHNNY Depp is smiling. It’s a curious kind of half-smile that makes his face look even more boyish than usual. Depp was 42 a couple of weeks ago but still looks remarkably youthful – by Andy Dougan. Evening Times Online.

The immaculately trimmed beard and the dark-rimmed spectacles do nothing to make him look any older. He has just mentioned how therapeutic it is “to make an ass of yourself and be paid for it” and it is that childlike emotional availability that makes Depp the best in the business.

Ironically, despite having been recognised as the best actor of his generation for some time, Depp has only recently become a major box office star.

The runaway success of the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film made him a bankable property – the two sequels he is currently filming back to back won’t hurt either – and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory has also been a runaway hit.


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