Month: June 2013


Tuesday, 07.02.13
The Reelz Show introduces you to the Lone Ranger and Tonto – Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp
8:30 AM ET
10:30 AM ET

Wednesday, 07.03.13
The Reelz Show reveals how the amazing opening stunt from “The Lone Ranger” was filmed
8:30 AM ET
10:30 AM ET


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“The Lone Ranger,” and Tonto, ride again!

Johnny Depp seems to live in the characters our childhood memories are made of. He not only brought a Disney theme ride to life (as Captain Jack Sparrow, in “Pirates of the Caribbean”); he also embodied the Mad Hatter of “Alice in Wonderland,” and Willie Wonka.

But his latest role may be the most familiar character he’s ever taken on. He plays Tonto in Disney’s “The Lone Ranger,” out this week.

“How tough a role was it to play compared to everything else you’ve done?” Cowan asked.

“Hopefully, whatever you’re approaching has some kind of, you know, tightrope element, you know?” Depp replied.

“You like it when it’s a bit dangerous?”

“I think if you don’t feel that, if you don’t feel some kind of — not fear necessarily, but, you know, the possibility of just falling flat on your face, I think you must challenge that,” Depp said.


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CBS Sunday Morning

Johnny will be on CBS’ Sunday Morning on June 30. Here’s a little preview. The interview was obviously recorded during the pressjunket in Santa Fe.


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