Month: September 2012

Johnny Depp & ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’? Wes Anderson Says Actor Is Not In The Movie

Not much is known about Wes Anderson’s next film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” — Anderson has been coy about plot details, simply referring to is as “Euro” — but one thing that seemed to be known was the lead, Johnny Depp. We spoke to Anderson on Saturday to discuss the Blu-ray release of “Moonrise Kingdom.” During our conversation, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” was discussed and Anderson is still being coy about the details. Except one: It won’t be starring Johnny Depp. (Though, rest assured, it will star Bill Murray.)


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Ride ’em Johnny: Shirtless Depp shows his saddle skills atop a horse in Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp wrangled his trusty steed while shooting scenes in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Dressed as the character Tonto, the actor was seen riding a horse in full costume, baring his toned arms while shirtless.

Depp shot while aside co-star Armie Hammer, who plays the lead in the new Lone Ranger film.

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Armie Hammer returns to The Lone Ranger set just days after the sudden death of a crew member

The cast and crew of The Lone Ranger were no doubt left reeling after a crew member suddenly died on the set of the film last week.

And following the tragic circumstances, actor Armie Hammer resumed shooting the western remake in Arcadia, California today.

The 26-year-old Social Network star, who plays the titular character, was seen sitting on a pure white horse in full costume as the masked lawman.

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Johnny at Comanche Nation Fair – September 28-30?

David Cable
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Our Sources say that our Comanche Brother Johnny Depp will be bringing another top movie star with him.Are you ready? well first let me say the star he may bring with him also makes Indian movies,we can only hope that Kevin Costner will be here too? Sources say there will be heavy security in the air and on ground.

Sources: here and here

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