Month: July 2012

Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp Blu-ray Release Date, Details and Pre-Order (Updated)

Update: Online retailer has begun taking pre-orders on Blu-ray and DVD to pre-order for $25.19, 30% off the $34.99 list price.

Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, and Helena Bonham Carter has been given an October 2 release date on Blu-ray and DVD by Warner Home Video.

Dark Shadows on Blu-ray will include a DVD, UltraViolet and digital copy version of the film that is based on the 1970s television series of the same name. The Blu-ray high-def version will be presented in 1.85:1 1080p video and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.

Bonus features are split between nine “focus points” that will be available in Maximum Movie Mode. These will consist of short behind-the-scenes featurettes that will become available as the movie plays in Warner’s interactive viewing mode:

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Aerosmith Tap Johnny Depp, Carrie Underwood for ‘Another Dimension’

The album also includes a number of newer acquaintances. Perry says he was initially skeptical about Carrie Underwood dueting with Tyler on “Beautiful,” which Tyler describes as “a country-western crossover ballad.” But Perry was won over: “Their voices matched up really well. It doesn’t sound forced. It was just right.” While in Los Angeles working on Idol, Tyler met Julian Lennon in his hotel, and Lennon wound up contributing harmony vocals to “Love Three Times a Day,” which Tyler not surprisingly describes as “Beatlesque.” “He’s such a sweet :censored: guy,” Tyler says. “And he’s John’s first son with that voice and sense of humor – gimme a break!” Johnny Depp also added backup vocals to Perry’s politically conscious rocker “Freedom Fighter,” but the song may end up an outtake or on a later deluxe edition of the album, according to Perry.

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Johnny to star in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

According to Johnny has signed on to play a part in the Wes Anderson’s next movie. So far there are no plot details available. When asked some weeks ago in an interview at, Anderson only reveiled:  “…. other than that it’s set in Europe I’m kind of reluctant to go into any detail because, for one thing, any of it could change and it’s so early. I feel like I should keep it a little more secret. “

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Tattoos Page

and our tattoos page was once again updated with one new tattoo (did it some time ago already) and some interesting facts about the Theban tattoo on Johnny’s right chest. I’m sorry I did not build the new one into the overview yet. Actually I have no idea where to put it as it is on the back of the arm. Any suggestions?

Can someone ask Johnny for a turnaround video in boxer shorts which I could build in as 3D animation?

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Richard D. Zanuck has passed away

“Richard Zanuck, the son of legendary 20th Century Fox mogul Darryl F. Zanuck who carved out his own career as the Oscar-winning producer of “Driving Miss Daisy,” the blockbuster “Jaws” and several Tim Burton films, including “Alice in Wonderland,” died Friday at his home in Los Angeles from a heart attack. He was 77. “

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