Month: March 2011

They did it! Marriage!


Look at this!!! I’m at  the moment together with my friend and staff member Rajacero on vacation in Plan de la Tour. We arrived here last Saturday. Today we were walking across the local Place Foch on our way back home from the grocery store. At one side of the place is the local city hall. Around the corner is a display cabinet for public announcements. We’ve been there before a few days ago, but didn’t have a closer look. Today I was munching a croissant and stared absently at this display and couldn’t believe what I saw there. Among others was this marriage announcement. I don’t know if this was only a bureaucratic act or if there was a ceremony.  I can only tell that it did not happen at the local church. We’ve been there last weekend and there was no sign of any  marriage ceremony. At the moment I’m at the McDonald’s in Sainte Maxime about 10 km from Plan de la Tour. That’s the only free WiFi zone around here. It’s pretty late and they’ll close in a few minutes. I’ll try to find out more tomorrow and will post it as soon as I can.


//edit: comments are unmoderated again and all the comments we held back are approved now.

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Hugo Cabret – Update

All the websites that spread the news that Johnny filmed a cameo for Hugo Cabret were most likely wrong. claims,  Paramount Pictures informed them that the man in the photo is “not Depp at all, just some random guy in a mustache”.  Paramount did not say anything about a possible appearance of Johnny in this movie in general, only that he is not the man in the photo.

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Hugo Cabret

It was known for quite some time that Infinitum Nihil, Johnny’s production company, together with GK Films and others would produce “Hugo Cabret“.  It was also officially denied that Johnny would have a part as an actor in the movie. Now it seems he found the time to film a cameo last September.  According to several articles he’ll appear as Monsieur Rouleau, an abstract painter who works outside of a train station. A first photo you can find here, here and here.

At the moment lists November 23 and December 9 as release dates for US and UK, but Johnny himself is still not on the cast list. Filming locations were Paris and also the Pinewood Studios in England among others. So not sure where Johnny’s scenes were filmed.

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