Month: March 2010

Venice March 16 and 17

New photos of Johnny while filming in Venice for The Tourist.

March 16:


March 17 on Piazzale della Stazione :


GK films – Graham King’s production company – also provides a website for the film. So far you find there information about the film, the cast and the filmmakers: LINK
(Be patient, it takes a while to load.)

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Babybird video

HERE you find the uncut version of the video. This version obviously was just a bit too intense for Yahoo. Babybird’s record company UNISON MUSIC believes that this version gives the viewer the true vision intended by both the artist and director.

You can also download it HERE.

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6 years Jdorg

We’re terribly late, we know….Because of all those so many exiting news in the last weeks we forgot our own birthday. Thank you Martina for establishing JDorg on February 8th, 2004. And now let’s celebrate our unbirthday party! Cheers! – The JDorg crew

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Entertainment Weekly March 05, 2010

‘Alice in Wonderland’: Hollywood’s Mad Hatter
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton look back at 20 years of collaboration

Twenty years ago, a frustrated young TV star and a wild-haired filmmaker met at a hotel off the Sunset Strip, drank coffee, and talked. To an outside observer, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton would have seemed an unlikely pair: one, a reluctant teen idol; the other, a shy, rumpled director with a penchant for the macabre. But from that meeting sprang a creative partnership that has produced some of the most memorable oddball characters in recent movie history: An alienated teenage Frankenstein with scissors for hands. A cross-dressing Z-movie director. A demented candy maker. A murderous barber.

On a warm winter afternoon, Depp, 46, and Burton, 51 — the duo behind Edward ScissorhandsEd WoodCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Sweeney Todd, among others — sit on a balcony at another L.A. hotel, just days away from the March 5 opening of their seventh film together: an eye-popping new 3-D Alice in Wonderland. This PG-rated big-screen take on the Lewis Carroll classic stars Depp as the Mad Hatter alongside newcomer Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen. Between Depp’s whacked-out spin on the Hatter and Burton’s flair for imagery, Alice is poised to capitalize on the growing appetite for 3-D extravaganzas stoked by Avatar, which, perhaps surprisingly, neither of them has seen (”I hear it’s good,” Burton says with a shrug). Then again, the film also faces a looming glut of 3-D movies, plus a threatened boycott of the film by theater chains upset over Disney’s decision to move Alice‘s DVD release up by a month. Today, though, the two old friends — both now fathers of two — sip iced tea and look back on their long, strange trip down Hollywood’s rabbit hole.

EW: Alice in Wonderland has been adapted in one form or another hundreds of times. What inspired you to take a crack at it?
Tim Burton Disney came to me with the idea of doing Alice in Wonderland in 3-D, and that seemed intriguing. I’d never really read the Lewis Carroll books. I knew Alice through music and other illustrators and things. The images were always strong, but the movie versions I’d seen, to me, were always just, like, a little brat wandering around a bunch of weirdos. [Laughs] It was fun to try to make the characters not just weird — I mean they are weird, but we wanted to get deeper into those characters.

EW: Johnny, how did you approach the role of the Mad Hatter?
Johnny Depp Oddly enough, I had reread both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass not long before.

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The Language of Johnny Depp

In honor of Alice in Wonderland’s release tomorrow, Moviefone has put together a really great video mash-up featuring the many languages of Johnny Depp. It definitely shows Johnny’s full range of talents…no two characters are played the same way. It’s incredible! Check it out here:


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Johnny in EK One

Johnny is featured in cover story of the most recent issue 5 (March/April 2010) of EK One with a 3 pages article written by our staff member Lizzy Cline.

Buy the magazine next week or read it online over at EK One or right here (just click):

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