Month: September 2009

Dick Cook abruptly leaves Walt Disney Studios

Dick Cook, the longtime head of Walt Disney Studios, abruptly left the company Friday afternoon after 38 years. The studio has had an uneven box-office performance and has been struggling creatively. It lost money in its most recent financial quarter.
Cook was summoned into a meeting and was told the studio “wanted to go in a different direction,” said the person. A Disney spokesperson denied the report.

Concerning Pirates of the Caribbean 4 that development could mean nothing or everything.
Johnny Depp said while he has a potential deal in place that will depend on how good the script is, his passion for the project at the moment has been severely dampened by the news that Cook will no longer be around. Cook had called him in person to break the news.
The LA Times quotes Johnny: “There’s a fissure, a crack in my enthusiasm at the moment. It was all born in that office.”

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Johnny Depp surprises Disney D23 Expo audience

Johnny Depp, arguably the biggest movie star in the world, surprised the audience of Walt Disney Co.’s D23 Expo in Anaheim by sailing on stage in his famous pirate regalia.

As 5,000 fans jumped to their feet, the star emerged in full character, with his bleary ballet of the forever besotted Jack Sparrow.

Cracking wise about rum he also said he’d like a little snack — that nice frog named Kermit who had been on stage earlier and “probably tastes like chicken.”

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Thanks to Bridget O’Halloran for the heads-up!

EDIT: Some screencaps from his appearance you find HERE .
You can also download a little video HERE .

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