Month: April 2009

Many many pics from the set of The Rum Diary!

Another day,another picture…or should we say…DOZENS OF PICS? I added again many pics from the shooting of “The Rum Diary”,for your viewing pleasure.

The following galleries have been updated or newly added:

April 13th
April 14th
April 15th
April 16th
April 17th
April 20th
April 21st

Once again thanks to our lovely contributors,who are kind enough to share with us their treasures.
I think you already know that the galleries contain POSSIBLE SPOILERS,so if you want everything to be a surprise for you,you better resist the temptation.Unfortunately,we can’t :-).

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Exclusive News!! Johnny at Cannes Film Festival!

If you weren’t satisfied with only seeing him in Puerto Rico filming for The Rum Diary, now you will maybe have the chance to see him changing the climate, because it’s possible that Johnny Depp (if he can leave the Rum Diary set for some days) will join Terry Gilliam at the Cannes Film Festival, for the premiere of “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. Certain is, Johnny will be on screen at Cannes Film Festival! Terry’s presence as well as the debut of the movie were confirmed before the official list, by the Romanian distributors, country in which the movie is set to be released on 18th September.

The Cannes Film Festival will take place between 13 – 24 May 2009

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Trailer, Poster,Shooting Pics, Stills and Magazines added!

I added a high-res version of the poster from the upcoming “Public Enemies”. Thanks to the wonderful Emma for the find.
You can check it here

Also,you can download various versions of both PE trailers in our Downloadsection and from The Moviebox.Net .

New Public Enemies stills from Entertainment Weekly have been added too.See them here at the bottom of the page.

In anticipation of the upcoming “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, we also added some shooting pics and stills. The movie is set to be released in September and might debut at the Cannes Film Festival,but we have to wait till Tuesday for confirmation.

You can check them here and here

And last,but not least…both new and old magazines have been added,from the following months and years:

November 2008
December 2008
February 2009 < - ***Warning: Contains PE Spoiler***
March 2009
April 2009 < - ***Warning: Contains PE Spoilers***
May 2009 < - ***Warning: Contains PE Spoilers*** Preview:

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The Rum Diary Set

I added pics from the set of the movie “The Rum Diary”,taken on April 16th. Big thanks to all those who spend time taking them,sharing them and to our collaborators who find them.

You can see the pics here


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Rum Diary set

I added again many, many, many pics from the set of the movie “The Rum Diary”

The new pics are from April 13th and 15th.

Thanks to the wonderful Bonnie, AnaMaria, Emma, Iron Jenny

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Happy Easter!

For some time I seem to have lost my creativity, and I had no motivation (and time) to do anything for Christmas nor the 5th anniversary nor the 3 Mio. visitors. But the spring with the wonderful weather and the green and the flowers coming through inspired me enough to make you all a new layout as a little Easter surprise:

Skin 9

I hope, you like it 🙂 if not, you can still choose one of the other 8 skins :-p

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Second PE Trailer is HERE!!

Today,a second trailer for the movie Public Enemies was released and guess what…IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE. It has more bangs, more romance, more drama, more intensity. You can watch it here , until a better version will be available for download!

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“The Imaginarium”… to premiere at Cannes?

While it may not have a U.S. distributor yet, Terry Gilliam?s latest movie, ?The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus? could get a big boost next month when it debuts at the annual Cannes film festival.
The movie features the final performance by actor Heath Ledger before his untimely death last year. Ledger had only completed about half of his scheduled shooting for the film before his death. However, the movie did feature a way that three fellow actors, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law, could step in and complete the scenes for him.
The film has struggled to find a U.S. distributor.However, with a debut at Cannes, this could help the film find a distributor and a release date.

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If the movie debuts at Cannes Film Festival,there is a big chance that Johnny shows up there too,as he did in 1998,when Fear and Loathing,by the same Gilliam was presented there.

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