Month: October 2007

Scream Awards

Johnny won the Scream Award as best FANTASY HERO for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End.

Additionally, Keith Richards won the Scream Award as best CAMEO in that movie.

At the Scream Award Show they showed a brand new THIRD TRAILER of the upcoming movie Sweeney Todd.
You can download it here in the downloads section

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New Sweeney Todd Trailer

Today appeared a second Sweeney Todd trailer. This one has a little more blood, so go check it out if you courageous.

You can find it in the Download Section

We’ve made some screencaps: CLICK HERE!

image: sweeneytodd05.jpgimage: sweeneytodd13.jpg

Besides this, we received two emails asking us for help, which I shortly want to post here:

1. the Luke Neuhedel Foundation, a 501c3 charity dedicated to providing aid to children fighting cancer, is holding an online auction November 3-11 at, where also some Johnny Depp autographs are sold.

2. Australian fans made a petition, because they want Johnny also to make a TV or other public appearance when he is in Australia for shooting Shantaram: Sign here!.

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emailing us

This is not an update, just a reminder:

we get plenty emails through the contact forms (and also through the comment function) with questions to us. We take the time answering them, click send, and what happens? The email bounces back.
So – if you write us with not just a comment but with a question – you need to give us your REAL WORKING email address or we cannot answer you!
Also, if we answer you, the email might land in your spam box, or we had problems when our emails were simply blocked.

If you’re uncertain, how to get a good email account, we consider using googlemail, which is what the emails are run by, too.

If you have problems contacting us through the emails:

1. make sure, you have the dash in the when writing to f.e. admin (at)

2. use the contact form instead, with giving a working email address of yours

3. if you still have problems, whyever, you can also write me through martina (at) or – if that doesn’t help – (at) – I don’t use these emails that often, so please only if nothing else helps.


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No other like Johnny Depp

No other like Johnny Depp
Comm 105
October 1, 2007/edited Feb.20, 2008
by lizzy4depp

Johnny Depp?s existence in this world is as essential as the oxygen we breathe. Johnny is a genius in his own right and his preference for collaborating with directors of the same caliber have shown that he is a mastermind of his craft. Johnny is known as the finest actor of his generation. In a more important light the most well admired by public and by his peers. He is capable of anything and obviously has no limit to his abilities. He has proven this time and time again in a variety of roles, from a demon processed writer, to a homosexual prisoner. Johnny has portrayed characters from the dark ages with an English accent, to a sharp Irish tongued gypsy living on the French countryside. He has stood toe to toe with the industries most powerful performers like Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The critics are always astonished and awed by his performances, mostly because no one can ever guess what role Johnny will pull off next. He continues to pull ?rabbits out of his hat,? not only acting in far-reaching roles, but also testing his own limits in his chosen profession.
What categorizes someone as a genius? Is it in the actor?s perception of their characters? It has been said that when people on the set have looked into Johnny?s eyes, they could physically see him change into another personality. This is one reason that Johnny?s acting can be compared to the silent film stars, Charlie Chaplin and the great Lon Chaney, who is known as the man of a thousand faces. Johnny is able to change into a character of any age, circumstance or persona. This is one reason that his fame and notoriety have spread worldwide to all different cultures and countries. His attention to detail is evident in his portrayals of the character?s hidden nuances, bringing to light a deeper layer of feeling most actors leave wanting on the surface. He doesn?t cheat the viewer by giving in to cheap emotions during a performance.
With just one glance, Johnny is able to portray an understanding of the writer and director?s vision for the core of a character. Johnny is a linguist, able to interpret a story like a translator. Directors like Roman Pollinski and Tim Burton seek Johnny out because of this very reason. Hunter Thompson, Emir Kusturica and Stephen Jeffreys,who are the most prestige writers of their time, sent their work to Johnny, and often to him only. The collaborations with individuals who share an understanding of life and art equal to his own is something that outsiders cannot comprehend. It has been said that Johnny will suck the life out of a person and leak it back out onto the role he is playing. Characters that would be considered misfits and outcasts call to Johnny, with his comprehension of their subtleties, in which he sees a piece of himself.

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