Month: May 2007

POTC3 dominates Memorial Day weekend

POTC3 – At World’s End has dominated the preferences of cinema goers on Memorial Day Weekend grossing more than 142 million Us$ only in the US. This makes it the biggest Memorial Day Weekend debut ever.

The movie furthermore grossed more than 245 million Us$ outside the US, thus taking more than 400 million US$ on its opening weekend.

Read more about it on CNN

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At World’s End Premiere

A new era begins: the At World’s End Era.
Yesterday in the evening…for us here in Europe today in the very morning in the night…was the Worldpremiere for the third Pirates of the Carribean part “At World’s End” in Disneyland. Johnny was – obviously and of course – there, looking better than ever.

Here is a preview with some pics:

image: AWEPremiereDisneyland001.jpg
image: AWEPremiereDisneyland006.jpg
image: AWEPremiereDisneyland010.jpg

And lots lots more you can find right here – there are coming more in hour for hour.

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AWE clips

There are 5 new AWE clips ( Lost, Jack Sparrow is taken, weapons, you’re mad, Singapore) in the download section.

So go check them out here


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Johnny in next Rolling Stone

Johnny and Keith are on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone. It will come with a huge pic of the two along with the headline “blood brothers”. Inside you will find a funny Q&A interview and some more pics.

We can provide you with a preview of the cover and the inside pic:

US RollingStone
US RollingStone

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AWE Interviews

On May 7th many TV-Station interviewed Johnny Depp at “The Dorchester” in London. You can find some of this in the Download Section. Thanks Susanne and Angie for the clips and Lily-Rose-Melody for the information.

Attention: it also contains some PotC3 scenes, so there may be some spoilers.

I capped again some pics and added the screencaps in the Appearances Section

Also I uploaded a 14 min. clip “AWE – On the set”, that was shown on Starz. You can find the cliphere
Thanks to Mrs. Sands


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JDorg fanlisting

Lisa, who made a fanlisting for this site, has far too many fanlistings (she thinks) and so she wants to adopt the fanlisting

It is approved by and of course by this site.

If you would like to adopt it, you can contact her under cherrikandi [ AT ] yahoo [ dot ] com with your name, TFL name (if you have one), email and a brief explanation on why you would want the fanlisting.

you should know fanlistings and how to make one, though.

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Johnny on Good Morning America

Johnny appeared in an interview on Good Morning America this morning, talking about Pirates 3, his life, his career and his daughter Lily-Rose – smiling a lot.
The interview was made at The Dorchester in London on May 7th.
Attention: it also contains some PotC3 scenes, so there may be some spoilers.

Thanks to Susanne we can offer the clip in our downloads section:

click here to download the 56MB

As Chris kindly asked, I also capped the clip for you – at least the interview part –
you can find the screencaps right here.

Here some of them as a preview:

image: goodmorningamerica001.jpg
image: goodmorningamerica001.jpg
image: goodmorningamerica001.jpg

Oh, and if you already asked yourself, what happened to the LA Modernism Show Johnny was to host as we reported here – he had to cancel due to time problems.

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Lots of new Avatars, Signatures..

Thanks to Alatiel, Daddysgirl4444, Danielle, DeppLoverForever, Deppster, Gina, Jane, Maija, mypiratejohnny and Shook,

I could add around 1000 new avatars, signatures and even wallpapers to the Fanart Section.

Check them all out, the artists all did a great job!!!

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