Month: April 2007

Pinewood Encounter of Jacks Wench

On April 26th, 2007, Jacks Wench, a member of the JohnnyDepp-Zone, met Johnny Depp at the Pinewood studios, and I am happy I am allowed to post her story here:

“Ladies, my dream came true today! I’m not as good as Jomel at writing these things up as this is my first experience of it, so be gently with me.

My Pinewood encounter ? 26th April 2007

25/4/07 ? I arrived at Pinewood at 3:30 with a couple of friends and about an hour later we were joined by Maria and her mum Cheryl, who had travelled from Spain hoping to meet Johnny. Between us we manned both gates. At 7, they closed the gates on the VIP entrance so we all moved round to the timekeepers entrance. At 7:40 Gerry (Johnny?s security guard) came down and told us that he would have come to see us earlier but he thought we were Take That fans, because apparently Take That were at Pinewood filming a video. He said there was no way Johnny was going to be able to stop that night because he was going straight from the studios to do ADR for Pirates. We were all devastated! He then said that if we came back the next day, he would take our pictures for Johnny to sign then he would bring Johnny round to the VIP entrance so we could have our photos taken with him. He asked us to move on because he said Johnny would be very upset at having to go past us. So, we all went off home.

26/4/07 ? I arrived on my own at Pinewood at 4:30 and felt very conspicuous stood there alone. Luckily, around 5:45 Maria and Cheryl arrived. I was so relieved. About an hour later, Gerry came round the corner. My heart went up in my mouth as I knew then that it was going to happen. I was going to meet Johnny!!

He took our photos and said that Johnny was taking his make up off then would be round to see us. About half an hour later I saw the car pulling up.

Now, I?m trying really hard to remember everything that happened, but it all happened so quickly and I was trying to absorb every tiny detail. Gerry got out the car first and opened the back door, and there he was! Johnny Depp was stood in front of me. I still have that moment stuck like a photo in my brain. He walked towards me, gave me a peck on the cheek and a tight hug. He then looked at Maria, who was a bit emotional. I kinda lost the plot here a little bit and I now feel more than a little stupid, but I found myself touching his arm and said ?Oh, wow?. My legs had also gone slightly jelly-like!

Johnny gave Maria a hug and a peck on the cheek and said something to her like ?Aww sweetheart?.

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New Skin #11

The wonderful Silence (her site is Ka-tet) donated a beautiful beautiful new Skin made of the Chessum shooting from the year 2000.

Click here to try it:

new Johnny Depp layout

I really hope, you like it!!!

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Sweeney Todd to premiere in Venice??

According to imdb
“Sweeney Todd” will have its premiere at the Venice Filmfestival. Tim Burton will be honoured with the “leone d’oro” for life achievement and in this occasion there will be a Tim-Burton-Day on Sep. 5th. Read more about the Venice filmfestival on the official page
Of course, this date has yet to be confirmed.

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Pinewood fan encounter

On April 11th, 2007, Jo, Lisa, Ann, Natz, Mel, Lester and Patsie met Johnny at the Pinewood studios – one more meeting of 8 for some of them.

Thanks to all, and especially to Jo and Patsie for allowing me to use their pics and report.

Here are some excerpts of Jo’s report:

“(…) He gave me a kiss and hug hello and kept touching my arm as I was talking to him! I said it was so awesome to see him and he said “I’m the one thats honoured!!!” OMG!!!Squeeeee! (…)”

“(…) The Sweeney Todd bit was funny because Natz asked him, is it true you will be singing and dancing? And he answered “Unfortunately yes” and grimaced, then he said “Well, I try too anyway. I aplogise in advance for how it turns out!” I’m sure he will be just great! (…)”

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And a preview for the pics:

image: pinewood_encounter009.jpg
image: pinewood_encounter017.jpg
image: pinewood_encounter031.jpg

click here to see all the pics

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Pinewood encounter

On April 11th, Jo, Lisa, Ann, Natz, Mel, Lester and Patsie met Johnny at the Pinewood studios – one more meeting of 8 for some of them.
Thanks to all, and especially to Jo and Patsie for allowing me to use their pics and report.

Here is the exiting report of Jo:

“(…) We went to PW (Sweeney Todd filming) last week and were told to come back (just us, noone else) by Johnny’s bodyguard as he didn’t have time to stop that day. And we weren’t sure whether to believe him! Sorry Jerry!

We got to Pinewood (thats Ann, Natz, her twin Mel and myself at about 2.15pm. We split up as normal, myself and Ann on one entrance, the twins on the other. Lester arrived at 3pm and Lisa and PAtsie joined us at 3pm. Lisa went to the other entrance, Lester and Patsie joined me and Ann. And we waited! Finally, Johnny’s car arrived at about 6pm. And he wasn’t in it!

Jerry got out and came over to us. He took our stuff off of us to get signed and told us Johnny would sign them for us and then he’d bring him round to us for a chat and photos. He had some pirates stuff to do so he couldnt sign everything for us in front of us as it would have taken to long. So, we gave Jerry our pics and he took em. I got a Libertine pic for me signed, plus personalised autos for Allison and Bev and an unpersonalised one for Debbie.

Then, atlast, at 7.30pm, the car came back, Jerry got out, opened the rear door and Johnny got out! He was already smiling and waving and calling hello! just for fun He looked incredible!! He was wearing a white Tshirt, black jacket and blue jeans (I think they were blue) and a POTC cap!! Bless him! We all got photos with him, I gave him a thank you card (signed by all the members of my group) and the pirates book I brought for him. I told him all about you my little yahoo group and he thought it was cool! He gave me a kiss and hug hello and kept touching my arm as I was talking to him! I said it was so awesome to see him and he said “I’m the one thats honoured!!!” OMG!!!Squeeeee! Then I got my pic! The other girls all got fab meetings too. Lisa gave him a Rolling Stones T Shirt from my yahoo group.

He talked to us all about Sweeney Todd (he apologised for his singing in advance – lol!) and kept thanking us for coming. We got more kisses and hugs and then he had to go but the meeting definately wasn’t rushed in anyway. We all got our moment! He thanked us again for the gifts and got back in the car.

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Johnny in London posted a pic of Johnny Depp together with Vanessa Paradis and their Kids in London, going for a walk along the river Thames last Saturday, April 7th.

Here are pics of the walk, of Johnny and Vanessa:

the gallery site

The preview:

image: london001.jpg
image: london002.jpg
image: london002.jpg

That does as well mean, that their daughter Lily-Rose is well enough to go for a walk again 🙂

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LOTS and LOTS of new Fanart

Hi everyone …. remember me??

I have been really busy over the last few months and so I haven’t done any updates for the fanart section for a long time… which means that my latest upload included A LOT!!

Here is what’s new:
4 new Movie Signatures made by Gemma and Brianna
31 new Real Life Signatures all made by Gemma
19 new POTC Signatures also made by Gemma

New Real Life Avatars – Eleven made by Gemma and one by Brianna
8 new POTC Avatars made by Gemma
1 new Movie Avatars made by Brianna

6 brand new Classical Artworks by Jessi, Sophie, Marty, Irene, Heather and Ana.

9 new Real Life Wallpapers made by Brianna, Gemma, Ina and Glyne
7 new POTC Wallpapers made by Gemma, Ina and Laura

3 new Widescreen Wallpapers (2 in the real life section, one in the movies section) … made by PanicMia and Ninni

So that is ALL of the new stuff on the site. I hope you appreciate the time it took for these artists to produce this art, as well as for me to upload.


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Milestone 750.000

750.000 unique visitors have visited over the last 3 years.
That’s simply wonderful, very impressive!

Thanks to every visitor, and especially those, who visit this site regularly.
I hope, it was worth a visit everytime 🙂 we try hard!

Let’s go on to the Million!!

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