Month: February 2007

Appearances and Screencaps

I added some more pics of the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert. Thanks to Judy Blem and Dana.

Also TwinkleCocunuts has made some fotos of an event of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation in June 2006, where Johnny mets some Make-A-Wish-families MAWPICS

To the screencaps section I added 12 more episodes of screencaps of the TV-Serie 21 Jumpstreet (Season 2) so the 2nd season is complete now. Credits go to the wonderful Jenna (deppislove), who spent some hours in capping them for us.

Season 2 – You Ought to Be in Prison
Season 2 – How Much is that Body in the Window
Season 2 – Christmas in Saigon
Season 2 – Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins
Season 2 – Big Disease with a Little Name
Season 2 – Chapel of Love
Season 2 – I’m Ok – You Need Work
Season 2 – Orpheus 3.3
Season 2 – Champagne High
Season 2 – Brothers Hanson and the Miracle of Renner’s Pond
Season 2 – Best Years of Your Life
Season 2 – School’s Out


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An Oscar for PotC2 – Dead Man’s Chest

While Johnny was not nominated for an Oscar this year, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest was:

in four categories:

“Art Direction”

“Sound Mixing”

“Sound Editing”

“Visual Effects”

And indeed Dead Man’s Chest won ONE of thsse at this years Avademy Awards in LA:

the Oscar for best “Visual Effects” –

congratulations, PotC2-Crew, Disney, and Industrial Light and Magic, which I admire a lot since Star Wars and which always deserve an Oscar.

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Server move done!

The site has now moved over to the new own server,

as you may see on some sites, it still is all a mess, because I have to change the paths and stuff.
ONLY SKINS 1 and 2 work yet, the rest will work in a few days, it would be a lot of work to change them and then change them back.

The domain will follow in a few days once its registrar had the time to do it.

At least in a few days everything should be as always and we can start making this site bigger and better – and even the downloads will be able to come up now.

The new server costs 85$ the month, which is already a super special price made by surpasshosting for us, but anyway it is much and hard to pay,
so if you do not need to care about a few dollars more or less, I’d be super happy for some donations by paypal -just to the email
Every donator over 10$ can call me by email to get a personal jdorg email, if you like.

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Today and the board will move over to the new server 🙂

So if we should be temporarily offline, do not wonder.

Please do not send in any interactive stuff, do not post in the guestbook, because you may already post it AFTER the move is done and I did not yet put a forwarding on.

You should be able to find the site and board at the new server afterwards, so you can already take a look over there if something happened.

Seeing you on the other site 😉 – Martina –

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Moving soon, PLEASE READ! and 3rd birthday!

There we are –

JDorg is now THREE years old, created February 8th, 2004, under the domain

And in these three years, we have become SO big…with SO MANY visitors, that we have to move over to an own server.

This is very expensive, and we have some trouble moving, because the new server will come end of March, so that we’ll move the main site to a temporary server,
but leave the board here, which will be reachable under a new address for that time with just a forwarding from the domain…and some days maybe jdorg will be reachable under another address….

Also it can (and will) make some trouble while we are moving, the site may not be reachable for several days, while we change where the domain points to.

But we will be back at the end with the downloads section at least in April – Sarfania is already sorting them into categories!!!

Just that you don’t wonder if jdorg is AWAY suddenly.

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nominated for Kids Choice

The nominees for the Kids Choice Awards have been named – Johnny is nominated for Best Actor, Dead Man’s Chest is nominated for Best Movie. The awards show will take place on March 31st.

Read more about it here

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