Month: December 2004

Rolling Stones, December 30 2004 – Johnny Depp: How He Found His Own Private Neverland

Title: Johnny Depp: How He Found His Own Private Neverland

Author: Erik Hedegaard

Publication: Rolling Stones

Issue: December 30, 2004 – January 13, 2005

In “finding neverland” Johnny Depp plays Peter Pan author, J.M. Barrie with muted, understated ease, and in so doing he may well wind up with his second Oscar nomination. It’s been quite some year for Depp, 41, both good and not so good. His friend Marlon Brando died in July. But then came Never-land. He recently finished filming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for his friend and frequent director Tim Burton. He’s soon to start shooting the sequel, maybe two, to his biggest hit ever, Pirates of the Caribbean. He recently plunked down $3.6 million for a deserted island in the Bahamas.

What was the best present you got this year?

Probably this gig. playing Willy Wonka.

Favorite movie this year?

Yeah, it’s an old one [1944] called The Mask of Demitrios with Peter Loire and Sydney Greenstreet. I watched it about five times in a row. Brilliant. I don’t see new movies that much. If I do see a new movie, it’s a kids movie. The Incredibles was really, really great. My son. Jack, now runs around with his little Mr. Incredible doll. The beauty is, Jack calls Mr. Incredible “Mr. Credible.” which really killed me. Mr. Credible. Ha ha.

Are you ready for four more years of W?

Oh God. Did you watch the debates? It’s so perverse. I actually enjoy watching him talk. And it pisses me off, certainly – it’s like looking at something you’re not supposed to be looking at. You shouldn’t be watching, but you can’t help yourself.

What are your plans for 2005?

If we do Pirates of the Caribbean Two and Three together, that’ll be the whole year. Work and kiddies. Work and kiddies.

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Golden Globes Nomination


Johnny was just nominated for the Golden Globe Award – as ACTOR!!! Imagine that! And Finding Neverland for best movie, best director, best soundtrack and best screenplay!

Here again for better view:

Marc Forster, Best Director, FINDING NEVERLAND
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Best Original score, FN
David Magee, Best Screenplay, FN

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Trailer

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Yo ho,

since today the teaser/trailer for Johnny’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is available. It is toooooo funny!

Watch it in our downloads section

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UnCut, December 2004 – Cooler Than You

Title: Cooler Than You

Author: Stephen Dalton

Publication: UnCut

Issue: December 2004

FOR A WHILE back there, we almost lost Johnny Depp. Torn between success and excess, art and commerce, Hollywood’s Lost Boy could easily have coasted into a perpetual twilight of self-loathing like his friend and idol Marlon Brando. More likely still was a slow drift into art house exile in France. There were even moments when the darkness of River Phoenix or Kurt Cobain could have consumed him.

And yet, in 2004, Depp isn’t just back, he’s back on top. After countless flops punctuated by a couple of hits, the uncompromising 41 -year-old is currently basking in the glory of a sustained run of box-office smashes – first his Oscar-nominated turn as buccaneer Jack Sparrow in the theme-park swashbuckler Pirates Of The Caribbean then running away with Robert Rodriguez’s splatterpunk “taco western” Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and now his sensitive portrayal of Peter Pan creator JM Barrie in Finding Neverland, from Monsters Ball director Marc Forster. After years playing emotionally scarred fuck-ups, drug addicts, freaks and outcasts, the Lost Boy has come in from the cold.

GLIDING THROUGH the ballroom of Venice’s Des Bains hotel to meet Uncut, Depp radiates the serenity of a man with nothing left to prove. In his dreamy, faraway voice, he talks about Barrie.

“It’s important to keep in contact with those qualities we had as children,” Depp tells Uncut.” I think that’s what Barrie was talking about, the idea that we grow-up all too fast. The world gets a hold of you pretty quickly in your youth, and there comes a day when you’re just no longer a child. It happens too last – it really happened to me fast,”

Inevitably, parallels will be drawn between Depp and Peter Pan. Of course, he’s already played his own version of Captain Hook in Pirates Of  The Caribbean, even the rock’n’roll fan, Depp famously based Sparrow’s louche cockney mannerisms on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, his long-time partner in late-night drinks and jam sessions. Has Keef seen the movie? Was he flattered?

“I think he was.” Depp grins.” He certainly would never say that to me, but I think he felt all right about it. The good news is he didn’t attack me physically…”

MANY ACTORS WOULID KILL to be rock stars, but Depp is the real deal. He was born on the road, a part-Cherokee daydreamer from a nomadic blue-collar family who lived in dozens of motels and short-term apartments across Kentucky and Florida. A lover of Kerouac and Ginsberg, his childhood was closer to classic muso-hobo outlaw myth than all those drama-school bad-boy wannabes.I lost my virginity at 13.” Depp told Rolling Stone’s  in 1988, “did every kind of drug there was by 14, swiped a few six-packs, broke into a few classrooms,

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