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After being gone more than half a year, found a kind new host and owner with Free Fansite Hosting.

Though I can’t deny I absolutely fell in love again now that I uploaded it, I am, as former admin, not able to actively care for the site any further and keep it updated. Nevertheless I thought it would be sad to simply erase such an immense archive of information about this wonderful man.

This means, that is open for adoption and will be running as an archive (probably the biggest Johnny Depp archive in the web) until we found a new webmaster.

Please apply at the FFH Fansite Adoption site


Server Problems solved

We had so many server problems recently with JDorg getting slow or completely closing connections, and it was nearly impossible to work on the site. Both harddrives crashed and had to be replaced. I really hope, this problem is solved now and we can get back to normal. (more…)

Happy Birthday, JDorg! 11 YEARS!

happybirthdayWishing ourselves… a very happy Birthday! 

11 years ago I decided to create the “perfect” Johnny site, combining a great layout with great content, with ZERO knowledge how to achieve that, with not even the knowledge how to resize a pic with the right proportions.

So I self-taught html in my free time, later even php programming, to make it better and better every single day. Well, not 100% perfect since I had  to cut back my online time and we lost some great helpers here, but I think, all those who work on the site regularly are doing a good job.

Maybe someone wants to make us some birthday gifts…like new staffers, or some screencaps, to give it the last percent of perfectness it is still missing?


Ever wanted to own a Johnny fansite?

Happy new year first of all! I hope, your holidays went well, not as ours (my son got an ambulance drive + hospital as an extra Christmas gift cause he could not see anything after a brain concussion).

I’m so happy to have such great people, like Andrea and Ginny (and Brian), who keep the site constantly updated for so many years already.

Unfortunately, since the dear Ina left us, the Galleries and Videos urgently need one or two or more kind people to be updated regularly (well not just one time while I write a tutorial). Means another SUPERDUPERADMINISTRATOR who can replace Ina and myself. Of course other parts of the site are free for you to make additions, too, as it is also your site then. This always was a teamwork.

You should at least have the technical skills to resize a picture without stretching it or download a video from youtube. And if you think you can’t do it: if you just want I’m sure it’ll work

Drop me a mail, also for further questions


New Webmasters needed!

I’m desperately looking for a reliable person who could become administrator or some more who just help keeping one part of this site updated. Wherever you come from, or what your age is, if you’re always up to date not just from JDorg but also other sites or or know how to batch resize and rename pics or download a video from youtube, you’re our man girl (most likely). Drop me a mail if interested.

And the winner is…

Thanks again to Closeup for sponsoring our giveaway!

I ran the list of the participants through the randomizer, and these are the first three places:

1. Vicky (Fashion Bag Clip)
2. Deborah (Necklace)
3. Xander ray (Bracelet)

The others (all who participated!) will get two buttons (one Tonto one Lone Ranger) each, so there is no loser here.

Please send your full name and address to my direction as soon as possible (don’t forget the country!)

Win Tonto Merchandise – sponsored by Closeup

In celebration of our 10th birthday coming soon February 8th, the best and kindest merchandise and poster store, Closeup sponsors us lots of great Lone Ranger articles as a birthday gift – for you!


There is one Lone Ranger Fashion Bag Clip, the Texas Ranger Necklace, a Leather Bracelet and 2 x 3 x 4 different buttons that we will all give away worldwide.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-15 um 21.07.29


Just drop us a reply (comment) about what you like (or dislike) about JDorg till February 8th (you do not need to register)

Thank you, Closeup! (more…)

Three wishes for Birthday

Hello out there,

on February 8th, this site,, is getting 10 years old.  I know, right now we’re going through hard times. Me being very behind with my daughter not leaving me working on the site any time, the downloads script down, the board merged, but not completely finished, the FAQ plugin stopped working and the info sites behind…much to do for me, but in worst case I have to wait till she is in school…I’m so sorry!! Well, maybe you could help me with this little wishlist for our 10th birthday:

1. some great new staffers who could keep up with news and updating the info pages, galleries, the future revived downloads section  – if you can work with Word, you can do this, too! If you know how to resize a pic, you can also add pics to the galleries. I mean staffers not for 2 days but for the next 10 years!! New souls of this site who respect Johnny’s private life.

2. screencaps, the bigger the better, of the latest movies and the extras

3. someone who continues the biography even if it is just one life span of it.

Just contact me by mail if there’s interest.