Month: February 2009

Johnny in Paris

Johnny is in Paris right now! He was spotted there the last two days. Thanks to bonnie, we have a pic from him leaving the Plaza hotel yesterday.
He seems to know he has been spotted and looks really happy while having contact with someone, so we decided to put the pic up:

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Review by Miroux

I was there (at the screening) too. (…) I too am quite squeamish with certain types of violence and especially gore or blood but this was perfectly and appropriately done. There wasn’t a lot of blood just some really realistic gunfire! Damn. Really knock ya back in your seat!


The death scene did bother me a bit, but again, it was necessary and beautifully done. I am super sensitive, emotionally and it was quite hard to watch him die. Not just as Johnny, but as Dillinger himself. You come to really love the guy and knowing he was of true flesh and blood, I wanted him to live…even as I knew how his life ended. For me, the movie was quite sobering and I find this another fine example of Johnny’s ability as an actor to pull us right into a character so deeply that we forget for a while about reality and really are taken along for the ride. He really posesses a character…so much so, you can’t help but loose Johnny the actor and fully embrace whomever he is portraying. This makes for a fabulous movie-going experience and in a movie such as this one, it can really gut you. This movie was SUPER dramatic…very action packed and then tender as well. Kudos to Michael for pulling that off and to the fabulous cast for their great performances. I’m not a big Bale fan but that guy said a LOT with his eyes. I was impressed with his performance.

And I want to second Burly’s comment on the music too. GREAT choice. I can’t wait for the soundtrack. Course I’m a big fan of music from that era.

I loved the movie…I only took issue with Michael’s use of hand-held camera work. I understand his artistic choice. It creates tension and even confusion, which can be quite effective but it made me dizzy and was distracting. I do think that sitting back further would provide a different perspective so I just want to suggest to anyone who might be sensitive to such camera use (ala Blair Witch) to sit as far back in the theater as you can and I think it’ll be okay.

And Johnny and Marion had GREAT chemistry…man…I loved her. She was great.

And one final note. JOHNNY LOOKS HOT IN A STRAW HAT!!!! I’m so hoping to see that hat turn up again somewhere

(about the hand held camera scenes:)

It stinks. Other people loved it. I would too, if it didn’t make me so damned dizzy. That said, it’s not as bad as Blair Witch (had to take a Dramamine for that) and it does get better as the film progresses. He uses less hand-held, thank goodness. But for me, whenever he slipped back into it, I really noticed. But sitting back should make it much easier. I think part of it too was that he used a LOT of super close close-ups WHILE he was using the hand-held.

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Review by Julie

(…) I’m STILL reeling from the experience…

(…) I’ll just add a few more comments. The music (what there was of it) was great! It blended the old standards with some contemporary “old-timey” sounding blues guitar and it worked so well with the scenes they were paired with. And the way Michael Mann shot the film was brilliant. We’ve all heard/read stories of him being a perfectionist and it truly does show…the lighting, the the actual places where these events took place, the clothes…everything looks beautiful and you ARE brought back in time. And the shoot-outs? Yes, you feel like you are right there. The blasts and pops from the guns are frighteningly “realistic” (although I’ve never actually been in a shoot-out!), and loud. Our chairs shook during some of these scenes. This may turn some people off, but for me, it wasn’t too loud…I loved it!

One of the problems I did have was distinguishing some of the charaters from the others…all the men wore suits and hats and had the same haircuts, so there were a few times when I thought “OK, who is that?” But it also keeps you guessing, because Dillinger was so crafty, some of his gang were dressed to appear as cops or agents. The body count does register quite high on both sides, however!


The scene of Dillinger’s death was graphic, sad, and very well done. All of the previous shoot-outs were loud and fast-paced, but when Dillinger’s end was near, everything went in S L O W M O T I O N and I was on the edge of my seat. I don’t want to give too much away, but when he goes down, it’s very effective. It’s sounds strange, but Dillinger’s death was one of my favorite scenes because it had a huge impact on me, body and soul. You’ll see what I mean


I enjoyed this film SO much! The casting was perfect and everyone did a fantastic job IMO. Johnny & Marion have chemistry + and yeah…that love scene…
I know people are asking for more character development, but as I told the girls, this movie is more action than acting. Maybe that will not pay off for some viewers, but with this movie, when you buy the ticket, you will take quite the ride!

I wanted to add that I am quite sqeamish when it comes to violence, but I think they got this one right…it was very violent, but not over-the-top. I did better than I thought and didn’t have to resort to “chick vision” LOL

Also forgot to say…Johnny looked SOOOOOO hot! Sorry, my inner fangurl just showed up!

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Review by BuccaRoux


I did not read the book, but from those that did, they said the movie followed it really well. Everyone agreed the movie was a very good factual account of Dillinger’s story. And as we’ve heard JD was quite the charmer. And in the movie he was as well. He was a tough mean-arse to the cops, but to all others he was compassionate and friendly. Even to his hostages! When he see one girl hostage he has is cold, he takes off his coat and gently puts it around her. And gives one his hat after he lets her go so she’d have something to remember him by and a story to tell. It was cute. And he was nice to the customers that were in the banks when he was robbing them!

Speaking of the bank robbing, it was amazing how well choreographed Dillinger and his gang did it all. Same thing for the jail breaks. So well planned and so many people each doing their part to get him and his gang out. They had friends everywhere. He really knew what he was doing! And all the car chases and shootouts were awesome too. And good lord the effects were great, sometimes it felt like you were getting shot. They guns were pointed right towards you and the sound effects were loud and your seats shook, and we all jumped!

There was a lot of humor in the movie as well! Lots of spots where the whole audience laughed. That Johnny/Dillinger and his sly little smile.

And as Donna mentioned, he sings in the movie! Did NOT expect that! While he is driving, with others in the car, he sings all by himself. Get along little doggy, get along… He was good and it was so cute! And he does dance one dance with Billie. But he starts off telling her, “I don’t know how to dance”. It was all I could do to not scream out, Oh Johnny, you’re such a liar, You CAN dance, you just don’t like to dance!

Now that we’re onto Billie, Marion Cotilliard really grew on me. They were good together. I loved the scene where JD went after Billie at her job. Watch for that one! And the love scene was good. But typical Johnny, in clothes. But for most of it we only saw him from the shoulders and up. (hope that description was ok Karen, I totally held back! if not, edit away!)

Christian Bale was good as Melvin Purvis. I thought all the acting was well done and the parts cast well.

As far as the ending, I’m not sure where exactly it stops in the book, if it stops with his death or what and I don’t want to give anything away. Just bring your kleenex. It is SO hard to see Johnny die.

As far as the screening,

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Review by Donna

I just returned from a screening of PE in LA—WHOA! I attended with my DH and some other JDR members, along with about 400 other people. It was a packed house and even though the flier didn’t mention the name of the film, I think that most attending knew it was PE-lol.

It’s late and I’ll post more tomorrow as I’m sure the other JDR people will as well. Just some first impressions—ALL the acting was excellent. Johnny portrayed Dillinger “just right” according to my DH who isn’t as biased as I am Loved the paring of him with Cotilliard–she was excellent too and a nice complement to Johnny’s Dillinger.


Little Bohemia shootout was great—

Johnny does dance(somewhat-lol) and believe it or not, he also sings!!
The scenery and period authenticity really comes through in the film—I felt transported back to the 30’s. Great job by all the extras in the film, too.

CBale was in the film more than I expected, but he was good.

Michael Mann was there and just milling around in the lobby afterwards so my DH told him how much we enjoyed the film.

The film runs about 2 1/2 hours approx.

I thought the ending was very well done–we didn’t see closing credits.

Music was very good throughout—30’s type mainly.

Watch for Johnny do some great action stuff—now I’m sure he had a stunt double in parts, but it “seems” he did A LOT of the action stuff just based on some close up shots. One part to look for is Dillinger vaulting over the bank counter during one of the bank robberies………

THis is just my opinion–I thought the acting all around excellent! Even the smaller parts were so well acted and just seamless. For me, that means that everyone was so believable and it was like a time transfer back to the 1930s. I feel that JMBolger should be very proud of his work in the film. He portrayed Zarkovich(sp?) just as I pictured from the BBurrough’s book. We didn’t get to see a lot of character development with many of he characters, but you got what was needed to move the story along. Of course, Zarko wasn’t my favorite character as he helped set up Dillinger-lol, but JMB played him “spot on” in my opinion.

As for the film needing “tightening”—possibly. I’m not sure what else could be cut, but then again, I know the story so it wasn’t difficult for me to follow. I noticed a few camera shakes which may have been unintentional( or maybe intentional?) The gunfire is very loud which I didn’t mind, but some might think it too loud.

One aspect I loved was the feeling that as a viewer, you were right there in the action—during the shootouts especially—bullets flying everywhere!

There are some parts where “dramatic license”

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Aaron Eckhart and Richard Jenkins join “TRD”

Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the successful “The Dark Knight” and the Academy Award nominee for his work in “The Visitor”,Richard Jenkins, have signed on to The Rum Diary, the adaptation of the Hunter S. Thompson novel that stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Aaron Eckhart will portray Sanderson,who is part of a love triangle that sees him vying with Kemp for Heard?s affection. Jenkins is playing Lotterman, the man who oversees the rundown newspaper where Kemp works.

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5th anniversary

Of course mara had to remember me that today is the 5th birthday of this site. Yes, 5 years, since February 8th, 2004, I am running this site, adding content, trying to keep it updated.
In these 5 years many staffers were coming and going, without whom this site would not be what it is today. A huge thanks to them all for being there for every day in 5 years!!
And also a thank you for the incredible amout of visitors coming to this site as well as all the many donators getting pics, magazine scans and all those wonderful fanart to us to share it with the world – without you it would be only half the fun.

On to the next 5 years!!!

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