Month: November 2008

Screencaps from the “Gonzo” movie added!

We’ve added screencaps from the documentary “Gonzo: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson” about the late Hunter S. Thompson, directed by the Academy Award winner Alex Gibney which features Johnny Depp as the narrator,reading various excerpts from Hunter Thompson’s books.

The DVD was released on 18th November in the USA and the Region 1 version is available to buy HERE

The movie will be released in the UK on 19th December


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Public Enemies in January Empire Mag Issue is reporting, that Empire Mag will reveal the FIRST LOOK of Johnny’s upcoming movie Public Enemies in their January 2009 issue on sale this week.

Public Enemies is set to come to cinemas July 1, 2009, first trailers will run around Christmas, as Universal promises.

Now has access to the FIRST LOOK of Johnny Depp’s upcoming movie too.Yes,this means we have the scans from the January issue! Big thanks to Vicky for sharing them with us. Enjoy them HERE

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp

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Johnny as the Mad Hatter

The new Photo of Johnny from the Set of Alice (the new Tim Burton, Disney Film) was released to this site through an insider on the set. After the posting took place with that persons permission, a call was made asking us to in good faith pull down the photo. Out of respect for Johnny, Mr. Burton and Disney alike; we have agreed to do this. The image was leaked off the set without permission and we were unaware of this fact. Noone is to blame for the leak, but at JDorg we will respect the wishes of the film company individuals.

We are excited to see more photos from the set released with permission OF COURSE. Thanks for understanding…

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Public Enemies test screening

Universal did a test screening for Johnny’s upcoming movie Public Enemies – still without a real score in place, color timed, and still 2 hours 40 minutes long.

“The cast is excellent – everyone. Johnny Depp is charming and funny and Bale does a fine “serious man-on-a-mission” is written in a review over at aintitcool (careful reding – it contains SPOILERS!!!)

thanks to JDreads for the find!

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Pirates 4 in 2012, A Long Wait for More Pirates

Jerry Bruckheimer has told Coming Soon that
Disney is setting their sites on a 2012
release for Pirates of the Caribbean 4.
Franchise scribes Ted Elliott and Ted
Rossio are still working on the story
and plotlines. A Story which will revolve
around Johnny and Geoffrey Rush’s characters.
A script that is much further along is The
Lone Ranger in which Johnny will play Tonto.
Bruckheimer stated the leading role for The
Lone Ranger is yet to be cast even though
their were rumors that George Clooney was
lined up for the role. He says that part
won’t be cast until they find a director.

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