Month: September 2004

Floss’s Encounter

I wanted to share mine and kpnuts meeting with Johnny yesterday.

We had tried 6 times before to meet with him at Pinewood Studios and again at the Finding Neverland premiere. Yesterday was 7th time lucky!

We arrived at Pinewood at 5pm and went to the Timekeepers Office where we were told that Vanessa had been seen that morning but they weren’t sure if Johnny was still there. We decided to wait anyway and at about 6.30 one of the chaps I had spoken to on the Tuesday evening came over to tell us that he had found out that Johnny WAS still at the Studios and was having a drink in his trailer. He said if you wait you will see him – wave your arms about when you see his car.

It was a very cold evening and the security guys were kind and let us warm ourselves up in their office – we took it in turns – and they also made us cups of tea.

Anyway, around 8.45 we saw what we thought was Johnny’s car and I fumbled to get the poster I had with me to ask him to stop. However, he must have seen us because suddenly the car came to a halt next to us – a guy in the passenger seat got out and then there was Johnny emerging from the back seat. He looked straight at me and I couldn’t believe that at last Karen and I were about to meet with him.

He shook our hands and I said thank you for stopping and he replied thats OK. I said its so nice to meet you and he said I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I asked if he would sign something for me and I gave him a copy of the Charlie poster. My hands were so cold that I couldn’t get the top off the pen. He took it from me and said “here let me” and rubbed the top of my arm. He said shall I just sign my name and I said would you put it to Beryl please and he wrote “Beryl with all good wishes always”. While he was writing I told him that we had worked as extras on Charlie and he stopped writing, looked right at me and said with interest “Oh! really”. I then asked if he would sign another pic for me – the one from Vanity Fair with him lounging in the chair. I said I really like this picture of you and he said he was falling asleep then as it was taken at 2 in the morning. He wrote on this one “Beryl great meeting you. With my best”. I asked if he would mind if I took a photo and he said of course and put his arm around my waist. Karen tried to take the photo but was having trouble with my camera.

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Kpnutz’s Encounter

Just a couple of things about our wonderful encounter with Johnny at Pinewood yesterday…
The book I gave him was an autobiography of Jack Kerouac, author of *On the Road”. I know this is one of Johnny’s favourite books, so I thought he’d like it.

When he signed my pic, and I asked him to put “To Karen”, he said “So you’re Karen?” I’d dropped off a bottle of wine last Thursday, together with a letter, so I guess this is where I got the name from. I have also, via a contact in the production office, passed on a letter concerning the Birthday Project. I have been assured by the same contactthat this has been passed to Johnny via his assistant.

All I can say is that it was a wonderful experience meeting Johnny. It still hasn’t sunk in. He is just so mellow, and genuine, and to see him actually in the flesh was unbelievable.

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Jo’s Pinewood Encounter

OK everyone, heres the latest story! Right, what I need to make clear
from the start is that Jerry (Johnnys security) told us they didnt
want any more people to be hanging around outside Pinewood as it was
getting too cold. He’s right, it was freezing last night.. Johnny
only has a few days left anyway now..

OK, I arrived at PW at about 5.30pm. Janine was already there,
standing with 3 other people, including a 12 year old boy called Joe
who was holding up a Jack picture 🙂 The security guys were being
really chatty and friendly with us. They told us what car Johnny was
in and ven made us cups of tea and coffee as we were so cold. Lisa
literally flew from London to Bucks in record time get there. She
arrived at about 7.10pm. I chatted to Mos for a bit and then went to
stand back outside and wait.

It was about 8.05pm when the car finally appeared. I knew it was his
straight away and moved forward. I saw Jerry sat inside and must have
had a pleading look on my face! Jerry pointed to the side of the road
and told us to move back. Then the car stopped, Jerry got out, opened
the back door and Johnny got out too!! He smiled at all of us. He was
wearing torn jeans, blue top, blue and red scarf and brown leather
jacket and a black hat (like on the iom) but no glasses! YAY!

We stepped back to let Joe, his mum and her friend go first as they
had been waiting there since noon! Johnny chatted with them, gave the
women hugs and kisses and signed some stuff for them. He told them
he’d ahve to start growing his beard for Jack soon as it takes him a
long time to grow! They were so made up! Then it was Janines turn..
I’ll let her describe her chats with him too you, believe me, they
are so cool! He recognised her and told her her Sleepy Hollow book
was in his trailer and he loved it!! He signed a P album cover for
her, Vanity Fair, The Lost Disc POTC cover (he didnt even know that
existed!) and a play of “The Libertine.” He told us the Libertine
would be out in January. We told him we couldnt wait and he said the
movie was “hefty!” We said the reviews from Toronto were all really
good. He was really pleased. Janine got her photo, which is lovely.
More girls turned up then and one didnt have a jacket on so Johnny
took his off and gave it to her!!!!

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Natuk’s Encounter

Ive met him twice at Pinewood, once on september the 30th -there was only me and my boyfriend with him for about 20 minutes .I got these signed, P cd( Janine knew I took mine and had it signed before,the bugger !)
Bill got out the car when he saw we had it and we met him too -Bill told us theres only 180 copies pressed and he didnt even have one!

I got the brave cover signed as I love it and he stroked Marlons face and said “awww Marlon” 🙂
He said ” wow you guys are hardcore” Becuase wed bought P and the brave!!

My boyfriends steven got criterion fear and loathing signed as he loves it and johnny said hed never even seen it befoore! He said hed had a lot of fun filming it :)he was really chatty with steven ,I think hes not used to men wanting autographs!
They were talking about xmas shopping for his kids and stuff 🙂
Steven gave him a graphic novel (the crow-deadtime) about a native american ,he thought he might like it.We both gave him 2 dvds of the series “spaced”-its NO british comedy which we love starring simon pegg from shaun of the dead(i thought hed like it cos its british!)
he stroked my arm cos i had on a small top on and it was bloody freezing and he said “aww you must be so cold” :0

When he left he shouted out the window at us” thanks a lot guys for the gifts,great to meet you”
Then we went to the pub to celebrate :)!

Ok,on thursday there were a few other girls there as well whod been there from 9.00am. When Johnny got out the car he said to me “hey,how are you again” and stroked my arm! “I said do you remember me and he said 2of course ” so I asked him if hed had chance ot see the dvds yet and he said” spaced?” im sorry ive had not time yet but I promise ill see it soon”
we waited for the other people to get stuff signed as theyd been there all day then i got these signed:

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Janine’s Encounter

I got to Pinewood at about 5pm. There were 2 ladies and a young boy who’d been there since lunchtime. I just happened to walk down towards the security office, normally I’d wait at the end of the road, off the property as that’s what I’d been told to do previously. Luckily I decided to go and say hi to the security guys or I’d have missed out possibly. Anyway, Jo and Lisa got there after work and we waited in the absolute freezing cold.

Just around 8pm we saw Johnny’s car approach and we waved to it and it slowed down and stopped. Jerry, Johnny’s security guy got out first and then Johnny got out. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to meet him like this after so many disappointments. We’d been given teas and coffees by the security guards only minutes before he came out and we were all holding them. Jo and Lisa went to put theirs down but I waited so I was actually in the front when he came towards us. I was conscious though that the other people had been waiting longer than us that night so I said they should go first. Lisa just looked at me and gave me the biggest hug.

They chatted to Johnny for a while and I heard him say he had to grow his beard for POTC2 and that it takes him about 3 months to grow – aaah sweet. While we were waiting a bunch of very pretty girls turned up out of nowhere. Turns out they were extras from another film being made there. One of them didn’t have a jacket and Johnny took one look at her and said “you must be freezing” and gave him her jacket to wear. I thought that was the loveliest thing for him to do.

After they’d finished Jo and Lisa sort of pushed me forward and said “your turn”. I went up to him and said hi and he gave me a lovely hug and a kiss on the cheek and I kissed him. I said to him “I met you at the premiere and gave you the Sleepy Hollow book” and he said something like “yes, I love that book, I’ve got it in my trailer actually. How did you find something like that? I’d never be able to find something that great”. I told him I’d had great fun finding it and then I said “oh the joys of eBay” and he laughed at that.

I asked him about when The Libertine was going to be out and he said he thought it would be January. I asked him if he’d heard any of the reviews about the viewings in Toronto and he said no he hadn’t so I told him that it was really well received and that his performance had been described as his best yet.

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Scottish accent difficult for Depp

Appearing at the Venice Film Festival, Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet are in town to promote their new film Finding Neverland. Johnny’s starring role as JM Barrie required him to study with a dialect coach from a Scottish family – “It [ the Scottish accent] was one that was really far away from me, in terms of my ear. I couldn’t quite hear it initially so I just studied and studied and studied,” said Depp. He added, “I tend to approach that kind of thing as a musician. I learned how to play by ear and I couldn’t find the music initially.”

View article on BBC website.

© Reprinted with permission.

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Ryuki’s Encounter

How to explain the day when a dream comes true?

i’m sure Johnny Depp fans can imagine what they would feel in touching what they believed was impossible to happen…but i’m really stunned and confused by what i felt…i discovered i was completely different and i acted in a different way from what i thought it would be…
i’ll try to be clearer: the 4th september… i did everything to be there that day in venice (people of the festival changed the dates, the tickets firts weren’t there, i “tortured” a friend of mine whose only fault is that of living in Venice…)…and after all this…finally, i had the tickets, i had the hotel reservation, i made plans of meeting with my friends…everything was ok!
but i didn’t deal with myself…i knew that the 4th september was for me a particular date,even if i had tried to forget it…it was the anniversary of the day when i met capitain Jack Sparrow for the first time, and i fell in love with him from the very first time i saw him!
Ok, ok, i know i’m not the only one… but i owe that pirate more than my passion, more than the fact that he made it possible for me to find lots of special girls in the italian fanclub…i owe him my rebirth!
i’m not joking, and i don’t want to be egoist, i’m just trying to make my tale realistic, as more as possible…and i can’t do it without this introduction…
the truth is that last year i was really different from now…they had just told me i had the Friedrick Atassia (a rare illness that gives me lots of coordination problems, make me have a very little, equilibrium, makes me feel always tired and lots of other things…)and i was in great despair, angry with the world and i didn’t care about anything..anything except…the 4 september 2003 a weird pirate appeard on the screen of a old cinema and gave me that smile that had abandoned me from several months…, making my hearth reborn together with the passion for that incredible actor named Johnny Depp.
from then on, every day i spent was full of thoughts of him, and i found again the “taste” of life, …and i arrived till venice!
it was incredible…i continued repeating to myself…”you’re going to see him”!but i was really stunned beacuse of my calm…the other girls were screaming, excited, and i…i…nothing!i was in trance!
i felt calm…peace…i was calm before arriving to the Lido of venice with the other girls, i was calm during the fenetic search for him when we arrived there, and i was calm when i saw him on he boat, and then entering the palace of casin

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Rosy’s Encounter (ITALIAN ONLY!)

Premessa: Alcune settimane fa con mia figlia sedicenne ho organizzato un viaggio di pochi giorni a Venezia, per vedere la Regata Storica, svoltasi Domenica 5 Settembre, doveva essere una sorta di weekend madre e figlia, certo non immaginavo che la mia visita alla Laguna si sarebbe trasformata nell?esperienza pi

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Celebel’s Experience (ITALIAN ONLY!)

Celebel has made her own little website to collect her experience of her meeting with Johnny. Below are just a snippet of it and her pictures, but if you want to read the longer version you can visit her website!

E infine, solo soletto sull’ultima auto, *lui*: JOHNNY! Era… stupendo! *.*
Ci siamo messe a chiamarlo per farlo avvicinare a noi. non volevamo che facesse la passerella e sparisse subito!

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