Month: November 2003


On thursday night, 12/11/03 i went to the POTC Screening in Westwood at the Mann theater. My cousin is in Sag and was able to bring a guest to the Conversations. So, my cousin and i went, i was so excited to be able to see THE Johnny Depp. So we got there, saw POTC first, then Melissa Gilbert, president of Sag brought out Johnny Depp. I was so excited. That night, he talked about his family, mentioning Vanessa as “my girl” which was so incredibly sweet, his career, his life, his movies, ect. He cracked some jokes here and there which was cool. He was incredibly sweet and so beautiful. I can proudly say that he is the most beautiful man i have ever seen. During his Q and A, he was taking off his jacket and i was so excited that i yelled out “take it all off”, when all the girls around me started cheering. It was funny but sadly, he did not take it all off. After it was all over, there was a small crowd around him so i decided to go to where he was. Right when i got there, the body guards were telling people to go home, but i kept on going, trying to get throug the opposing crowd. So finally i got to him, about 2 feet away from him. I got to see his tattoos from upclse, his arms, his face, his eyes (through his glasses of course), everything. I was on the side of his so he couldn’t see me very well though and thank God he couldnt, since i was staring at him. So right before he went backstage, where it was off limits, (still 2 ft away from him) i yelled out, “i love you Johnny!” He turned around, waved at me, and smiled, then he left. I felt like i was going to faint.

It was my dream come true. I am such a big fan of his and seeing him in person made my life complete, lol. My dream was to meet him or at least see him upclose in person, and I did. i am so thankful that my cousin took me. Well that was my encounter with was so awsome and i really hope that i get to see him again. he is sych an awsome man, the most beautiful man ever.

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