Month: June 2003

2003 – June 17 – Paris

Johnny came to Paris 2 days ago (6/18) for the Pirates promotion ! I couldn’t believe it ! I thought he was in montreal !!!! A friend called me saying that he was there and getting ready to leave ! I showed up but needed 1 hour to go to Paris , I did it in half an hour ! (Hopeing not to be caught by the police … ) and I saw him. It was so cool I haven’t seen him for such a long time. I was so happy. It was really quick and we didn’t had the time to speak really… many people were there. He just asked me what I was doing, and I didn’t even remember what the hell I was doing of my life !!!!!!! Shame on me ! Gladly he didn’t ask for my name I wouldn’t have remember !!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see him again. A bus driver stop by when I was with Johnny, opened the window and scream, “An authograph for the bus driver !!!” , and Johnny walked in the street, reached through the bus window and sign the paper for the guy !!! That was so umbelievable ! I may have a pic of that but I?m not sure it?s gonna be a great one ! I?ll see ? It was greater at the deauville film festival, I had many pictures to share…

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An American in Paris

We trekked to France tracking down the always offbeat Johnny Depp to see if family life has settled him down — or if he’s still living on the edge – By Gregory Katz.

“I didn’t have a life before. Until I had kids … I just didn’t get it.”

Imagine a doting dad playing Barbies on the floor with his 4-year-old daughter while he gives his baby boy a bottle early on a Sunday morning. Now move the scene to a farmhouse in the south of France, picture the father as a somewhat disheveled but darkly handsome long-haired man with mysterious gold caps on his teeth, and you have a glimpse into the life of daddy Johnny Depp.

But the former teen heartthrob — remember “21 Jump Street”? — isn’t quite your average father. At 40, Depp loves to play loud electric guitar, wears clothes that could use a cleaning, occasionally orders $18,000 bottles of wine in restaurants, and pals around with Rolling Stones bad boys Keith Richards and Ron Wood.

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