Month: September 1989

Charles meets Johnny in a bar

I had the pleasure to make small talk with Johnny a few years back, while waiting for a beer to arrive from a, lucky for me, “Slow as Moses” bartender. The talk was an amusing attack on the bar’s population all looking exactly the same (fake tits and bleached blonde hair, mixed with the polished GQ Smooth look of fancy hotel toilet bowl)! I guess you had to be there to really savor the statement’s full impact. In any event, he ended up buying my beer and, after my cigarette lighter failed to spark a flame, he lit a match and shared the flame with me.

After sharing his match with me, and going our seperate ways, Johnny and I bumped into each other again that same night as we, and the people we were with, were leaving. He asked if I had a good time, I said I did, then introduced my guests to him, which he shook their hands, then he patted me on the back and handed me his book of matches which are “VIPER ROOM” issue (Black book, with a green pair of dice and a female serpent woman on the cover). Telling me that “it might be a long night, and a night without fire should be a crime.” On the inside of the cover, a hand written message reads “Call Tim, Monday”.

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