Month: August 1989


When my family lived in California, my brother and I both did some acting. I was hopeless and managed only a few small parts in commercials and stuff. My brother was the one with the talent and to this day I think that if we hadn’t move to New Zealand, he would have made it big.

A few days after my seventeenth b-day, we both got a call saying we were to be extras in the movie Cry Baby! At first I was bumbed cause I wanted a big part, but I got over that and was all psyched to be in a big movie! OF course, I didn’t know Johnny Depp was in it until just before filming started.

I was supposed to be a drape, so was my bro, but at the last minute they dropped me saying they had ‘over casted’. My brother got to keep his role, and when he came home and told me who was in the movie I almost died! My bro is in heaps of scenes. The part were Cry Baby sings ‘Tear Drops are Falling’ and he’s in the crowd when he does the cry baby song. In fact he is in a lot more than that, but you don’t see him in the others. He met Johnny heaps of times, and they even had a smoke together while waiting for filming to start one day.

On the last day of filming, I was spilling over with stories about Johnny my bro had told me. Like how when at the end were Alison comes to the jail and they are doing that bit were she’s rubbing up against the glass, Johnny kept on laughing and the chick got really pissed off! I think that’s so cool! And also the rumours about Johnny and the woman playing Alison falling in love was complete bull, because they didn’t really get along at all, in fact, apparently when they were filming, they hardly said a word to each other!

But on the last day of filming, the whole cast, including extras, were invited to a little party to say thanks and goodbye. I was so jealous he got to go socialize with the spunkiest guy ever, until he told me I could go!! Apparently he had told the director, and Johnny about how I had been dropped, and how disappointed I was, so they said I could come and meet every body!!!AHHHH!

Now be honest, wouldn’t you spend half a year trying to make your self look gorg so one look and Johnny would fall madly in love with you? Well I would have liked to, but my darling brother told me about three seconds before he left, so I left the house in a pair of baggy, holey jeans, and a little tank top! I must have looked like crap but I probably would have gone in a pair of PJs to meet Johnny-god-how-could-he-be-that-fine-Depp!

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