There are so many people, that helped me,, active (as staffers, donators of info, pics or even money) or inactive (scripts), that I dedicated this page to them. Thank you all SO SO much for your help! Without your help, this site would not be what it is.


  • Martina, who decided back in February 2004 to create the perfect Johnny Depp site. Till 2016 running the site with help of all those wonderful staffers and fiends.

Previous owners

  • Valerie, a short time in 2020
  • Debby, from 2016-2019

Previous staffers

  • Sarfania, my dear friend, who were my right hand for years and built up most of the galleries.
  • Shaman-Art, who kept the site updated for many many years.
  • Conny, helping building this site from the beginning and taking over the magazines
  • Charly (aka lilo), in the downloads section and starting building this site from the beginning
  • Buticut, who took over the magazines section for ages and added thousands of screen caps
  • Serena, who merged her site Eternity Johnny Depp with and added all those great fan encounters her site was about.
  • Ginny, doing many many articles, news, and being an old soul on this site in the comments, sending me postcards………
  • Andrea, adding news
  • Terri, who added news for over a year
  • Carezza, following Terri
  • Christy, following Carezza
  • Catherine, who cared for the fanart section for years
  • Jules, following her, and helping us out with high quality pics
  • LeeLoo³, caring for the affiliates section for a long time
  • Nicole, following her
  • Sabine, sorting pics and staffing the links section
  • Angie, answering the FAQs with so much effort
  • Chloe, following her
  • Antje, staffing the filmography section for some time
  • Nadja, following her
  • Tania, gallery staffer
  • Ashlee, projects
  • Anum, goodies
  • Angel, links + affiliates
  • Neda, projects
  • Claudia, news


  • Lizzy, who wrote the first part of the biography, some exclusive articles and is repeated news source.
  • Jade, who wrote the second part of the biography
  • Ginny and Brian, who added many articles and still do so.
  • Gesi (Silvia), who readded the news and articles after a server move
  • Maggi, doing the same with the updates
  • MissJohnny, Olle and Kayla and JacksPearl for helping with a shop (now not existing anymore)
  • Julia for helping with the icons for the photoshootings
  • Karen and Jenna for so many screencaps
  • Nayla, for the news and updates icons
  • Qui Gon Reborn für most of the movie category icons
  • Maria, for some movie sub-pages
  • Silke, for countless contributions to the magazines section and the German Johnny Depp forums
  • all the other donators (credited in the individual galleries), especially those repeated image resources as Evochka, AnaMaria, Bonnie, Hiro…


Josh from /

earlier Gertie, owning our wonderful lovely free host, who has a huge heart and lives for providing us all with everything a fan site needs.

Financial support

While today, I can pay the server and domains all by myself, when I was a student, I had problems to keep the site running, especially, when it became so big that we needed to move to an own server. There were so many helpers donating what they could give, so the site could stay.

  • first of all my husband, who paid the 1110$ for the server with his credit card (and allows me to have a website about another man)
  • and my parents, for donating a few hundred to support my hobby although they are only rich of children.
  • selene.h for also donating SO much although she does not know me personally
  • all the other donators: carezza, mysteria, Conny, Maggi, mara, Silence, Katha, Lily -Rose -Melody, Sleeping Sun, Angie, Charly, aurora, wildcat, Sabine (nice girl), Doris and Uschi, and many many more
  • And all the people still shopping in the JDorg amazon shops, so that I get money back in to pay the server.


Graphic recources

One Comment

  • My daughter may be interested in keeping your website updated. She just graduated from college last year as a Dance & Physics major. Has a full time job but may enjoy this as well. We are big JD supporters…in every way. Doing some research on her behalf. She is not aware of this opportunity at the moment. Will her time be compensated in any way
    Darcy Lowe

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