Woman Donates Money to Fake Johnny Depp “Charity”

A Chuckey woman who sent $750 to what she thought was a charitable foundation operated by actor Johnny Depp reported the suspected scam to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department. The apparent swindle happened on March 2 and was reported Thursday.

The victim said that she accepted a friend request on Facebook “that stated they were Johnny Depp and had asked her to donate money to his foundation or charity,” Deputy Nakia Tweed said in a report.

She got two loans and sent a total of $750 to the foundation named by the person purporting to be Depp, the report said. The foundation address was unknown at the time the report was filed.

The victim was then contacted via Facebook Messenger and told that she had a $6,000 check coming to her home “and was asked to distribute the money to various locations in $1,000 increments,” the report said. The woman “was able to get approximately $2,000 sent without issue” and was then told to send the remainder of the money to an address in Florida, which was unknown at the time the report was filed.

She told deputies she was afraid to prosecute and only requested a report be put on file for her bank. She also filed a report with the Greeneville Police Department after attempting to transmit some of the money by Western Union, the report said.

“The identity of the person or persons that she had contact with by text and Facebook were unknown at this time,” the sheriff’s department report said.



  • That is a world wide scam. I fell to the same scam earlier this year in Finland. I’m member of a closed group of Johnny Depp & Hollywood Wampires and it has shown in meny other countries, I remember one was in Philipines.

  • I too went through a similar situation with a person behind the name of John Depp. He was chatting with me on Facebook under the above name. I had to close my acct. ASAP and open a new one bcz he was pressuring me to show him my check. It was made out for only $30. but he had the access to my acct. #. So needless to say I closed my acct. and opened a new one so he/she could not print up checks and use them as a crimal transaction.

  • So evidently these people are using Hangouts as well. Because I have never heard of the SOS Charity for homeless amd under privileged children. Plus why would the real Johnny Depp even ask for money at all.

    • Do not feel sad, I am O L D and was referred to listen to Isolation by another old peace person who used to hear John Lennon himself in the parks at peace events…..it was nostalgic for me. I left a comment that said thanks for great talk, it was kind to take time out and help others. I got a reply, which I thought, this guy must be really bored to be reading his comments……..but chatted a few days before being asked to to to Hangouts. I had no idea what a hangout was…..but it was such a hilarious trip that I wrote a script out of it….it is a good one. I reported to the FBI, Instagram, Google hangouts, and hope this is stopped, It got a notice today that someone is trying to get my password for my phone, from China…….sad that someone with so much it skill is using it to harm others. Never feel bad about trying to help kids. or anyone. God bless. OH, and pray for Johnny, since all this I did check him out, and those trials and films coming up, I think he needs prayer. I pray through Jesus, for God to protect him. In my reading the past week I heard Johnny is not a religious person, ……but I also read a lot of things that make me feel as if he needs God’s help to remind himself that he is a beloved, unique creation of God, who will help him …..God bless.

  • Aww. I feel for you. I personally don’t believe anyone on the internet. 300.00 dollars latet. I lost that last rear to fake advertising of donation s. Internet should Pointe out the scamers to the public Right now im asked from johnny Depp too. Im Undecided

  • Hi. I started talking to a guy portrayed to be Johnny Depp. He messaged me about a little over a month ago on Facebook. He doesn’t have an account there but he asked me to go to the Hangouts app so we could talk there. He started by getting to know me by texting me. Now he’s very stressed and frustrated about the court stuff coming up and needs to do some work on his computer but he needs a Nordstrom card now. I asked him he needs money to do that but he told me he has the money but he needs me to get the card for him still. I asked to see a live photo him by doing a video call with him and he told me he couldn’t because he will lose his job and career. These guys are really smooth and tricky. I almost fell for it.

    • I am O L D and was referred by a friend to listen to Isolation and see how the spirit of John was so close to John Lennon, who old folks that we are, peace movement retirees, brought tears of memories of JL. I listened to the talk as well, and posted a comment that said how wonderful both talk and song were to help people during this pandemic. I received a reply, which in my work did not surprise me. We chatted about charity, I am retired, but help small charities wade through the paperwork and find low cost lawyers to get going or protected in their work. I too was asked to go to hangouts. I told the person when told the plan to raise $700,000 and THEN do the paperwork that it was a fast track to federal prison. The truth is, the conversation helped me, after ten weeks of not being able to do my charitably work with kids and veterans, I was just about to quit. Stay home and work in my garden. The person actually pushed me to go back. I forgot how much I love my work, but certainly had no money to be giving to a multi-millionaire. It was all so hilarious after awhile that when I realized it was not John asking for advice to build a new charity for orphans of Covid19 I just said, well, at least it is a great script on many areas…..and wrote it. BUT I also turned in the information to FBI, Instagram and John’s lawyers. I hope John will not decide to not post again. The kids I work with, and the vets love Vampires and that cave talk. Sadly, with the ease I was hacked, it puts those ten million viewers all at risk. Thanks for making me feel less like a chump. While I did not give any money, I submitted a whole formal proposal for a charity. Maybe the person should try real kindness and get out of crime. What a life we live. Just this morning, after blocking the person, my security system warned me someone was trying to hack into my phone……..my security took care of it, I changed my passwords, and a new report is being filed. The security showed the person is calling from China. Sad. Actually, great it talent being misused, I came from Cal Tech, and appreciate it skills, but not to harm others. God bless.

  • I am having trouble a fake Johnny deep has my phone number how to report him

    • I went to my carrier, and to Instagram. I also filed with the FBI alerting them to the fact that the account hacked has 10million viewers. I reported them to Google Hangouts as well. I actually help create charities, and while gave no money did advise the person, who said he was raising $700,000 to pay the costs of legal, etc to start this charity, that it was a quick trip to Federal Prison to not do charities by the book…….I suggested he contact Musk or Gates to find out who their trust accounts were handled by since money misused is the most likely IRS crime to get prosecuted for, and if you have a monster lawyer to protect the funds, along with a completely unrelated monster bank accountant, you can avoid even your own thought to take a buck here or there. I could not understand why a multi millionaire would ask another small charity for money, and was rude about it. I asked him if he was broke, MCHammer broke or Spike Lee (IRS problems) broke. All in all the person helped push me to go back to my work with charities…….which I had decided to give up over ten weeks in lock up by my doctors, I am O L D and have all the high risk things on the list. I guess I was bored, and my protections down …….but do report this, it is serious with those 10million viewers on that site ….especially since I was alerted by my phone security that someone in China was trying to break into my phone…..too late, I have turned in all the information to fraud investigators. I hope John will not now give up his posts, they help my veterans who love the Vampires and of course the pirate Jack Sparrow, who they grew up with. Sad.

  • I’m in the United States and I’ve also have had this same problem.
    I was swindled out of almost $3000 to someone pretending to be Johnny Depp.
    They said I was investing in fake coin money and that i would get a 100 percent return and then some.
    I’ve blocked them of course but it was only after all that money was gone!
    This is terrible that someone would be doing this under Johnny Depp’s name!!
    I wish there was something more I can do to get my money back!!!

    • Wow so much! I‘ m really sorry. Did you go to police?

      • Yes and they said they said there’s nothing they can do but I still filed a report.
        I’m still out of the money and some of it was for rent!!!

        • yes he’s a fake. Theyre all fakes except jds intagram or one that says uk and us.

        • I also started talking to a Johnny Depp via Twitter. He asked me to go over to join him in hangouts. Long story short he asked for funds for a project he is doing. He said if I did my profit with triple.

          • I think i have your JD impersonater now talking to me in hangouts. I told him I am unemployed and why would johnny depp even be asking an unemployed single mom of 2 for money when he can fund all the projects he wants

    • DO not feel bad and while you are not likely to get money back, please report this to the FBI. I posted a thank you to Johnny after hearing the Isolation and talk….I am O L D and had the opportunity to just be in the park with John Lennon during the peace action days……and thanked Johnny for such a spirit filled rendition I think John Lennon would be proud. I got a reply and we chatted and then asked to go to Hangouts. The entire thing was so hilarious I wrote a script from my notes. The person actually helped me to decide to go back to my own charity for high risk kids and veterans. The ten weeks I have been home and away from the kids, etc, I just decided to retire and stay home and garden with my dogs. The script is great. Peace and at least report it to the FBI, those 10million viewers on Johnny’s Instagram deserve protection. My phone security notified me today that someone in China is trying to break into my phone……..it is auto report to the FBI and my carrier. I said, when asked for money, are you telling me you are broke? MC Hammer broke, or Spike Lee (IRS issues) broke. Take care, God bless.

  • There is something we can do. I too commented on johnny depp official and johnny depp christopher depp and the one answering johnnys facebook page with the blue tick. He actually blocked me, and all thats left is the johhnys videos and pics left BY Him. I would take a pic of walmart and say I’m here. He asked for my pic I sent a cell pic he said I looked like a queen. Or something. Kept saying yes baby go get itune cards $100 *5 and scratch the. Off like this. Sends pic ( of someone scratching of cards) kept calling and hanging up. Where are you what are you doing. Got really mad. I collected at least 3 johnny depp emails. Johnnydepp3245 [at] gmail [dot] com. johnnydepp78709 [at] gmail [dot] com and one other. I went back o johnny depp christopher and commented and let them know hes a fake. He sent me a msg on msger. Telling me stop making comments on his page. If I want to be seeing it. yes he asked my to donate to sos charity childrens village

  • I’m actually currently having a conversation with whom I know is an imposter of Johnny Depp on Hangouts. Honestly I just really want to see how far this guy is going to take this but I do have a few email addresses that he has given me if it helps any one the current one he is using is as follows Johnny Depp official 400 at gmail.com this guy is really smooth and really convincing but every now and then I catch him in a trip up because I have been a fan for over 30 years I know a few things about the real mr. Depp that these scammers just don’t know and I’ve actually met Johnny Depp once back in 1991 so good luck to all the current scam is he tries to convince you to buy a membership card that cost $1,000 but you have to email his management team to get the information to pay for it so now he’s involving another email and supposed management team

  • fake johnny depp want me to pay 10000 dollars to have a meeting with him

  • Why are you all falling for this?? Johnny will never asks money to his fans!! And on Facebook?! WOW. It’s sad that you are all so delusional to think he will contact you and ask for money while he is probably having a good time with a beautiful young lady and while his bank account is full with millions $$$… and you think he needs your money. LOL. yeah, Johnny Depp, a big celebrity who makes millions needs our money hahahaha. Sorry but I’m laughing. Giving your card number or your phone number to a stranger… Don’t complain if they steal your money. It was proven so many times for many years that a lot of scams pretend to be a celebrity and steal money.

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