The Professor Trailer

So, apparently I missed sharing the latest trailer for Johnny’s upcoming movie The Professor with you, which was released two days ago. Shame on me!
For those who haven’t seen it yet, I’ll now gladly make good for it. By the way, the official release date has been set to be on May 17 in the United States. Enjoy!


  • I understand this story should be sad, but when I watched the trailer I couldn’t help myself but laugh. It truly seemed very odd watching Johnny portray this character. The make-up people did a really great job transforming him and he’s barely recognizable. Then when he speaks you know it’s clearly Johnny but it doesn’t look like him…it’s a head-scratching moment! I can’t wait to see this film and have been waiting for its release since they finished it. I pray in lieu of Johnny’s recent developments they don’t decide to pull the showing of it again!

  • Hi Debbie,
    the movie is quite funny (I was lucky to join the premiere in Zurich), but not what I would have expected considering it deals with cancer. There are some really moving moments, though. And some rather… hm… cliché and ridiculous scenes… I left the movie somehow feeling empty and disappointed and also a bit emotional… I would give the movie 4/10.

  • Not my kind of movie but I hope it does well in the theaters. Love you John.

  • Hi MM,
    Thank you for your comments I found it interesting! How wonderful for you attend the premiere! Curious about your empty feeling and disappointment only makes me even more anxious to see the movie. Not sure if it was how the story was written, what the writer intended, but I know from my own experience everyone handles and deals with cancer differently! Again Congrats to you attending the Premier event!

  • I think, that’s totally looking like Johnny and he looks pretty hot, got his shining back. I’d love such a professor :p Looks interesting, though I’d like to skip the sad cancer part.

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