It´s a Shame about Ray


Year: 1992

Music by: The Lemonheads

Johnny Depp playing: Himself

IMDB screencaps


After croaking in his backyard, Ray is ushered into the offices of the afterlife where it is discovered that pertinent information to gain entrance into heaven is “incomplete.” So Ray is taken into an all-white interrogation room where he is questioned about his life, particularly his romantic relationships, by a series of people who have famous last names (Brezhnev, Streisand, Brando, Quayle, etc.).


Carlos Jacott

Robert Forster

Kelli Williams

Dean Cameron
Waiting Room Guy

Michael Badalucco
Mr. Seinfeld

Willie Garson
Mr. Schwarzeneggar

Googy Gress
Mr. Brando

Matt Adler
Mr. Springsteen

Phill Lewis
Mr. Scorsese

Joshua Malina
Ms. Streisand

Johnny Depp

Original music by
The Lemonheads

Directed by
Ajay Sahgal

Written by
Ajay Sahgal

Produced by
Michael Apted, Sean Doyle, Jeanney Kim, Ajay Sahgal, Kelli Williams

About The Lemonheads

The Lemonheads are an indie, alternative and punk band from the US. They were formed by Evan Dando and Ben Deily, in high school at the Commonwealth School in Boston ca. 1986. At this time they played very snotty punk rock and were briefly known as the Whelps until a name change in 1987 led to the birth of The Lemonheads.
Dando cut his losses and flew to Australia to write some songs with friends Nic Dalton and Tom Morgan. These songs formed the basis for It’s a Shame About Ray, the Lemonheads’ breakthrough album. However, a cover of “Mrs. Robinson” (recorded to promote the video release of The Graduate) was released to the annoyance of the band and got them the most exposure they’d had so far. When the “Ray” album was reissued, the track was tagged on to the end. The band’s breakthrough came with its second LP for Atlantic Records in 1992, “It’s a Shame About Ray”. In September 2005, Dando, Stevenson, and Lattanzi performed two shows at Shepherds Bush Empire in London, where they played the “It’s a Shame About Ray” LP in its entirety.
Filming Locations

Los Angeles/USA

Ajay Sahgal
Jury Award (Newport Beach Film Festival) for Best Short Film

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