Lost in La Mancha


Year: 2002

Directed by: Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe

Written by: Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe

Produced by: Rosa Bosch, Andrew J. Curtis, Lucy Darwin

Johnny Depp playing: Himself

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In August 2000, master filmmaker Terry Gilliam finally got his oppurtunity to create his dream film he laboured for a decade, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Assembling his film crew, he prepares his production in what promises to be the biggest budgeted feature film using only European financing, although it is meagre compared to Hollywood standards. However for all his creativity and enthusiasm, the film is immediately plagued with an improbable series of disasters ranging from scheduling conflicts, budget cuts, studio and location problems and worse that threaten to doom the film.

Johnny Depp

Vanessa Paradis

Tony Grisoni
Himself, Co-Writer

Philip A. Patterson
Himself, First Assistant Director

René Cleitman
Himself, Producer

Terry Gilliam
Himself, Writer/Director

Nicola Pecorini
Himself, Director of Photography

José Luis Escolar
Himself, Line Producer

Barbara Perez-Solero
Herself, Assistant Set Decorator

Benjamín Fernández
Himself, Production Designer

Andrea Calderwood
Herself, Former Head of Production, Pathé

Ray Cooper
Himself, Longtime Gillian Colleague

Carlo Poggiolo
Himself, Co-Costume Designer

Bernard Bouix
Himself, Executive Producer

Jean Rochefort
Himself, Actor as Don Quixote

Produced by
Rosa Bosch, Andrew J. Curtis, Lucy Darwin

Written by
Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe

Production Companies
Eastcroft Productions, Low Key Productions, Quixote Films Limited

other Companies
Barclays Bank PLC, Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, Colour Film Services Ltd., Drew & Co. Ltd., El Silencio Producciones, Hachette Première, Jeremy Barnes & Company, Kodak, Memery Crystal, Molinare Studio, Silverlake Travel, The English Speaking Union, The Fourth Factory, The Post Group

Optimum Releasing, A&E Home Video, Alliance Atlantis Home Video, Cine Qua Non Films, CinemArt, Films Transit International, Frenetic Films, Haut et Court, IFC Films, Madman Entertainment Pty. Ltd., Mikado, Warner Home Video

Filming Locations

Las Bardenas Reales, Navarra/Spain, Madrid/Spain

Germany 11 February 2002 (Berlin International Film Festival) (premiere), Czech Republic 5 July 2002 (Karlovy Vary Film Festival), UK 2 August 2002, USA 30 August 2002 (Telluride Film Festival), Canada 7 September 2002 (Toronto Film Festival), Poland 5 October 2002 (Warsaw Film Festival), USA 6 October 2002 (Chicago International Film Festival), USA 10 October 2002 (Austin Film Festival), Belgium 11 October 2002 (International Film Festival Gent), Hungary 12 October 2002 (Titanic International Filmpresence Festival), USA 14 October 2002 (New Orleans Film Festival), Norway 19 October 2002 (Bergen International Film Festival), Norway 15 November 2002 (Oslo International Film Festival), Sweden 16 November 2002 (Stockholm International Film Festival), USA (New York City, New York)/USA 31 January 2003 (Los Angeles, California), Denmark 1 April 2003 (NatFilm Festival), Japan 10 May 2003 (Tokyo), Australia 3 July 2003, France 16 July 2003, Italy 18 July 2003, Switzerland 28 August 2003 (German speaking region), Finland 22 September 2003 (TV premiere), Greece 28 November 2003, Sweden 18 January 2004 (TV premiere), Czech Republic 15 April 2004, Belgium 5 May 2004, Spain 19 November 2004.
$63,303 (USA) (2 February 2003) (8 Screens)

£42,824 (UK) (4 August 2002) (10 Screens)


$734,514 (USA) (22 June 2003)

$727,733 (USA) (15 June 2003)

$723,072 (USA) (8 June 2003)

$720,610 (USA) (1 June 2003)

$715,658 (USA) (26 May 2003)

$706,925 (USA) (18 May 2003)

Weekend Gross

$2,253 (USA) (22 June 2003) (1 Screen)

$2,979 (USA) (15 June 2003) (4 Screens)

$1,497 (USA) (8 June 2003) (3 Screens)

$1,965 (USA) (1 June 2003) (6 Screens)

$4,928 (USA) (26 May 2003) (5 Screens)

$5,536 (USA) (18 May 2003) (11 Screens)


Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
Peter Sellers Award – Comedy

Golden Satellite Award for Best Documentary DVD

  • Interviews With Terry Gilliam Johnny Depp Keith Fulton And Louis Pepe
  • Deleted Scenes
  • 2 Alternate Openings
  • Video Portraits
  • Costume Design (also with pics of Vanessa Paradis) And Story Boards From The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

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