Cannes Man


Year: 1996

Directed by: Richard Martini

Written by: Deric Haddad, Richard Martini

Johnny Depp playing: Himself

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The Cannes Film Festival. It’s where deals get made, producers get laid, and stars get paid. It’s where all the movie industry meets to buy and sell all the movies on the planet. And it’s where the art of the deal can be filled with more laughs than the deal itself. Sy Lerner is the quintessential movie producer, when he makes a bet that he can take any kid off the street and turn him into a superstar overnight using the universal language of the festival: hype. He meets Frank Rhinoslavsky ad turns him into ‘Frank Rhino, one of the hottest screenwriters to hit Cannes since Faulkner and Hemingway’. It’s not long before celebrities and producers are lining up to meet this hot young star. Dennis Hopper, Treat Williams, Johnny Depp, John Malkovich and more, all want to meet the ‘next Quentin Tarantino’. Sy charms them with his own particular blend of hype and substance, and by the end of the festival, has lined up one of the great casts of all time. But Sy Lerner still has a few tricks up his sleeve for his wife, Frank Rhino and the myriad of people that have invested in this nonexistent, non-scripted film. He drops dead. And all the money the invested in his film goes up in smoke. But in the end, Sy Lerner has pulled the ultimate con, making him truly the one and only, ‘Cannes Man’.

Seymour Cassel
Sy Lerner

Francesco Quinn
Frank ‘Rhino’ Rhinoslavsky

Rebecca Broussard
Rebecca Lerner

Johnny Depp

Treat Williams

Jim Jarmusch

Lara Flynn Boyle

James Brolin

Nino Cerruti

Jon Cryer
Cameo appearance

Ann Cusack
Kitty Monaco

Marc Duret
French Actor

Benicio Del Toro

Robert Evans

Dennis Hopper

Directed by
Richard Martini

Written by
Deric Haddad, Richard Martini

Produced by
Tom Coleman, Holly MacConkey, Johan Schotte, Jon Turtle

Cinematography by
Denise Brassard, Dean Lent

Cult DVD, Eclectic DVD Distribution, Eurocine Films,Rocket Pictures Home Video

Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes/France.
USA 5 March 2002 (DVD premiere), USA 21 January 2003 (director’s cut).

  • Main Documentation with Johnny Depp, Jim Jarmusch and others
  • Outtakes

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