Script submissions for Salvador Dali film

We have received many many requests for information on the script submissions for the Salvador Dali film project. Even though it has been announced all over the news that they are looking for a script, the news posts have not said where exactly to send the scripts to.
I spoke to Renee at the management company connected with I.N. She informed me that all script submissions needed to be submitted through an agent or by a registered writer. This is the way that it is done on their side.
We hope that information helps..
Good luck to all you aspiring screenwriters.

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Public Enemies Filming Lands in Crown Point, IN, and A Touching Story to Share

Filming is expected to begin today Monday 24th at the Old Sheriff’s House and the County Jail on Main Street. Crown Point Mayor David Uran has agreed with Universal Studios to allow filming from March 22nd to March 29th although the exact dates and cast members available for filming haven’t been confirmed.

Fans are already flocking there and braving cold temperatures to get a glimpse of Depp but word is most of the filming will take place indoors.
Katy Krekel, 20, traveled from Louisville, Ky. with her 13-year-old sister, Anna, to catch the filming. The arrived in Crown Point at 7 p.m. and slept in their car.

“It’s Johnny Depp,” Katy said. “I’ve been a fan since I was 5.”

The pair were also in Wisconsin last week to watch the filming there and got to see Depp filming a chase scene.
Here Are a Few Pictures of Johnny’s Arrival in Crown Point

A Touching Story to Share
I was touched by an article sent to me by a visitor of our website about a little girl and Johnny this only shows how very kind hearted Johnny is.
Johnny has vowed to help a 17 year old girl from Southhampton. Sophie Wilkson was critically injured in a car crash last year. Her parents knowing Depp is her favorite actor wrote to Johnny and to their delight Depp resolved to help. Depp agreed to send a voice recording of his famous Captain Jack voice and send it to her in hopes it would help bring her out of her life threatening coma she has been in for five months.

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Johnny Arrives in Darlington for Shooting

From CP, Tuesday night Jerry (body guard) came out of the trailer and tells the crowd that Johnny will come out and sign autographs for 15 minutes. Form a line, no shoving, no screaming, no photos with Johnny but you can take photos of him signing autographs.

If ANYONE does not follow the rules he will pull Johnny in a flash – case closed.

The crowd was well behaved and Jerry kept saying, “That’s enough lets go” and Johnny would say “NO, these are my fans”.
Credit Rod from the set of PE

Johnny Arrives
Johnny Arrived Wednesday for filming at the Lafayette County Courthouse. Depp has been very attentive of the crowds. “He did sign autographs Tuesday evening and
was very polite, very focused, and a bit quiet,” Mayor Nancy Osterhaus said. “They had just come off the shoot (as he was wearing the same coat and hat as in the film).”

The film crew will return in the summer Osterhaus said, exact month is unknown.

Article credit

View More Photos from the 19th here.

Please take a minute and look at the wonderful Johnny Bio Lizzy has been writing she has done a wonderful job I added some pictures to it but there is still more to be added but it is shaping up.
Johnny’s Bio

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Johnny’s Biography

With every new project that Johnny endevours upon, he gains new admirers. I have completed the beginning of the biography in simple English, so to be understood by all. The new writings are through the early film years, which includes Johnnys completion of the Gilbert Grape film. It is quite a lot to read. i will be adding more this next couple of weeks so if you would like to read the beginning, you can start now. Its still a bit rough and will be smoothed out when totally completed, so keep that in mind.
We hope it is informative to you and if you have any comments or questions we would love to hear them.
Thanks so much to you all for your kind comments so far

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Filming Continues in Columbus Making Some Fans’ Dream come True

It is a dream come true for some fans to watch Johnny
work this week.
?This is just an exciting thing,? Dawn Clark said
Clark from Rochester waited in the cold for 8 hours
to catch a glimpse of her favorite actor.
?There he is!” she stated.

15 year old Anna Stover also saw Depp
?Any celebrity that comes to Columbus I?m a big fan of,? Stover said. Her and friends were spending their spring break in town for shooting. ?It’s really cool to see everything changing downtown and Hollywood being here. Nothing ever happens in Columbus,? Maddy O?Neal another fan said.

Rumored Schedule of Filming for Public Enemies

Everything is subject to change due to weather and
so forth:
Filming in Madison on the 20th and 21st
only about 65 miles from Columbus so quite possible.

Crown Point, IN scheduled on the 24th and 25th will involve the famed location of Dillinger’s escape from Crown Point’s jail.

Aurora, Ill scheduled for April 6th and 7th
at the Paramount theater.

Some News Coverage Videos live from the set

Article credit Today’s TMJ4 Milwaukee

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Johnny pics again

Johnny cannot hide, now that everybody knows where he is. Here are more pics of shooting ‘Public Enemies’ in Columbus, Wisconsin,that have been taken (possible Spoiler pics below!)

Thanks to Michelle Martin we have some wonderful pics of yesterday:

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp

See all here

Johnny was also seen without his hat for the first time (the hair is not THAT short; I was afraid it would be after the yesterday pics):

Johnny Depp

And thanks to many people who were willing to share, we also added many more pics of Monday!

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