Depp Is The Libertine

January 08, 2004 – FilmForce – Johnny Depp is about to step into another eccentric period role. According to today’s Variety, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has joined the cast of The Libertine, which is set to start shooting next month in London…

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PEOPLE, December 1, 2003 – The Sexiest Man Alive…Johnny Depp

Title: The Sexiest Man Alive…Johnny Depp

Author: Lisa Russell

Publication: PEOPLE

Issue: December 1, 2003

Photo1There he was in Disneyland last summer, strolling through the park with his girlfriend and their two children. They were any family: the 4-year-old girl with her face buried in a cloud of cotton candy, the 20-month-old boy asleep in a stroller. But onlookers who caught a glimpse of the drop-dead features beneath the slouchy hat and dark glasses probably did a double take. The family guy was Johnny Depp, out introducing his kids to Pirates of the

Caribbean, the theme-park ride that inspired the year’s biggest nonanimated blockbuster and catapulted his art-house career into the bright, shiny mainstream. After spending a lifetime rebelling against the Man, Depp has been tamed, at 40, by the Mouse.

Say hello to the new Johnny Depp, this year’s Sexiest Man Alive. Once infamous for his brooding eccentricities, he has mellowed. Prior to  parenthood, “I just wasted a whole bunch of time.” he declared recently. And because he arrived at his new happy place without selling out, without becoming slick or packaged or politically correct,

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On thursday night, 12/11/03 i went to the POTC Screening in Westwood at the Mann theater. My cousin is in Sag and was able to bring a guest to the Conversations. So, my cousin and i went, i was so excited to be able to see THE Johnny Depp. So we got there, saw POTC first, then Melissa Gilbert, president of Sag brought out Johnny Depp. I was so excited. That night, he talked about his family, mentioning Vanessa as “my girl” which was so incredibly sweet, his career, his life, his movies, ect. He cracked some jokes here and there which was cool. He was incredibly sweet and so beautiful. I can proudly say that he is the most beautiful man i have ever seen. During his Q and A, he was taking off his jacket and i was so excited that i yelled out “take it all off”, when all the girls around me started cheering. It was funny but sadly, he did not take it all off. After it was all over, there was a small crowd around him so i decided to go to where he was. Right when i got there, the body guards were telling people to go home,

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North Hatley 9/17/03 – Secret Garden Set

My name is Penny and I live in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada, (although my address due to regional changes states North Hatley, this point will be useful later on). Johnny has been my inspiration for years as I have a bit of social anxiety and by seeing and learning about Johnny and his strength to believe in himself and make his decisions in life based on his beliefs has given me the strength to overcome some of my problems faced everyday in my work as well as in my social life. I have seen every movie he has made that is available in Canada, (missing – The Brave, Lost in La Mancha, The Source???), I have got them all in my collection and love the variety of his work. Now, do you believe in fate? For me, (and this sounds a bit physco), but Johhny kind of felt like a missing piece to my puzzle and every one of my friends, family, husband too, know of my deep admiration for Johnny. I was going to try to make this story short but I have been known to go on and on, you know those messages that say, after the beep, leave a short message,

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since i didn’t know what time the premiere was supposed to start i wasn’t really sure when to go so i decided to go up the the theater at around 3:30 in the afternoon. i looked around trying to find axl, who said he was going to try to go, or cassady from the zone board. she was the only one who i knew for sure was going. she had said she was taking her small son with her so i looked for someone with a child, but couldn’t find one. my only other option was to go up to everybody there and ask if they were axl or cassady. i decided against that since i didn’t want the security guards, who outnumbered everybody else at the time, to think i was strange. i asked a few of them where to stand and was told to stand behind a barricade between the entrance for the red carpet trekkers and the main theater entrance. there were some photographers behind me. i don’t know why they were in that particular spot and lost track of them later on. but i think they were the lower level photogs, the paparazzi, if you will.

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Finding Neverland Set

(note: recently, when Ivy met Johnny, he told her he remembered the zone and he remembered his meeting with Irene!)

‘Adventures in Neverland’ – The Night I Met Johnny Depp
I had the privilege of meeting Johnny Depp during the filming of ‘Neverland’ in summer 2002. They were filming night shoots at the Richmond Theatre, Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey, England on three consecutive nights: Sunday 18th to Tuesday 20 August ’02. On the first evening that I visited the filming location I had to leave before Johnny was due to show up on set. On my second visit, however, I had the incredible good fortune of being able to watch him at work for over 6 hours – an evening that culminated in meeting him at 3:15 in the morning! I don’t have any photographs of that extraordinary night, but I do have vivid and wonderful memories together with Johnny’s inscription for me in my little ‘Dead Man’ book.

The simplest way to tell my adventure is to Start at the Beginning and keep going until I reach The End and then Stop. My story’s a long one, but I hope you enjoy it.

August 2002



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2003 – June 17 – Paris

Johnny came to Paris 2 days ago (6/18) for the Pirates promotion ! I couldn’t believe it ! I thought he was in montreal !!!! A friend called me saying that he was there and getting ready to leave ! I showed up but needed 1 hour to go to Paris , I did it in half an hour ! (Hopeing not to be caught by the police … ) and I saw him. It was so cool I haven’t seen him for such a long time. I was so happy. It was really quick and we didn’t had the time to speak really… many people were there. He just asked me what I was doing, and I didn’t even remember what the hell I was doing of my life !!!!!!! Shame on me ! Gladly he didn’t ask for my name I wouldn’t have remember !!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see him again. A bus driver stop by when I was with Johnny, opened the window and scream, “An authograph for the bus driver !!!” , and Johnny walked in the street, reached through the bus window and sign the paper for the guy !!! That was so umbelievable !

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