The Isle of Man Experience

Ilse of Man, April 17th 2004, – by Lisa (and additionss by Jo)

On April 17th 2004 four lucky Johnny Depp – fans met Johnny on the Ilse of Man, where he was filming the movie “The Libertine” at that time, here is the report written by Lisa (and her sister Jo’s additionss) from Jo’s yahoo-group Heavenly_Johnny_Depp, two of the now happiest Johnny Depp – Fans.

The Isle of Man Experience
16/17 April 2004

Friday 16th April 2004

My sister Jo, her mate Natalie and I flew into the Isle Of Man on
Friday morning where we met up with a mate of Natalies called
Melina. We were there with only one intention – to get as close to
Johnny Depp as was humanly possible.

We were lucky as the B and B we were staying in was located very
close to the studios where they are filming the Libertine. Once we
had checked into the B and B we drove down to the studios.

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Slimy Depp Gets Gunged

It all seemed a bit of a chuckle at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards – with celebrities happy to make a fool of themselves. Monday April 04, 2005.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star was on stage, all set to pull the gunk lever on fellow actor Ben Stiller – who had agreed to stand beneath the bucket of green slime. However, in true trickster style, when Johnny pulled the lever he was the one whose white t-shirt turned a slimy green. Top prize has to go to Johhny Depp, who was unwittingly gunged.

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Jack Fan’s Encounter

Woohoo! I finaly met Johnny!!!…the isle of man used to be boring but now it’s great! …ok then here comes the story… Johnny had been filming all day at Island Studios, just down my road and so naturally, being the HUGE fan that i am. I set of down the studios to wait outside…i don’t care how long it takes I WILL MEET HIM!…2 and a half hours and alot of rain later …phill (the security guard) spotted a big silver audi with tinted windows at the back coming down the drive…I was like OMG OMG! “I think this is his car” he said….i nearly fainted, i was that excited! My heart was racing! His car drove up and it stopped..then his luvly bodyguard got out, then Johnny got out of the back!! he was soooo nice to me coz he was asking how i was as if we were old mates that hadn’t seen eachother for like 200 years! By this time it was absolutly pissin it down and the poor security guard was doing his best holding the umberella over me and Johnny. I had some piccies and things with me for him to sign so he got back in the car to sign them…but here comes the best bit…

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Jenny’s Encounter

We were lucky enough to meet Johnny last week whilst he was at Charlecote Park filming The Libertine. He was wearing the exact same clothes that he has on in that picture of him this weekend in Brussels. He was a really nice guy and was happy to sign things and take photographs for us. Now we are slightly obsessed as we neva thought the man himself would be 2 minutes down the road!!!! yeah we went to stanway house tonight to try and see but they were gone! neva mind seein him twice would be greedy!! We had to sweet talk a security guard and eventually after 2 hrs he took us to his trailor!!!! then we had to wait outside for ages while he had a shower!!! not that we were complainin!!! yeah! we went one day just to have a look about and just saw a few extras! then went back the next day and talked to the security guard. He told us to come back at half 10 that night and hed see what he could do! and he did good!!!! i have a picture with his arm around me!!! OMG!!! insanely lucky. I just wish we’d sed more to him we were a bit dumbstruck to be honest.

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Wells, Somerset, UK

March 19, 2004
Following the bad press reported in the Taunton Times about JD?s failure to meet the fans at Montecute House earlier in the week, I would like to redress the balance by saying that he met fans here in Wells last night. Although we had to wait for a while until he was ready, we ALL got to meet him in turn in a trailer where we were given the opportunity to have pictures taken and get an autograph. We also had the opportunity to have a quick chat and the whole thing was very relaxed. As far as I could see he was personally dedicating every single item he signed! And he appeared to be a very unassuming, courteous and modest man ? my family and I were certainly impressed!

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BAFTA Awards

Bill Murray got the award for best actor, but Johnny got the “screaming Bafta fans accolade” – and Pirates of the Caribbean got the Award for Best Hair & Make-up.

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Jo’s Encounter

Yesterday I was in Leicester Square for 9am and got tickets for the Grandstand right opposite the entrance to the Odeon. We still weren’t sure that Johnny was going at this point. After we got our tickets, we joined the queue for seats in the Grandstand to get down the front. At 15.30 they let us in. I was sat up the back so didnt meet lots of people but I saw – Billy Boyd, Renne Zellweger, Val Kilmer, Patrick Stewart, Paul Bettany, Holly Hunter, Scarlet Johnannson, Meckenzie Crook, Andy Serkis, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson. Towards the end of the “red carpet,” the people in the front of the grandstand moved into the cinema as they were competition winners so me and my sis Lisa jumped over the seats to get to the front. Then we met Jude Law, Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen.. and now I get to the best bit!!!

They kept telling us Johnny was on his way but he literally was the last star to arrive. He didn’t stop for interviews or pics and was gonna walk straight into the cinema. My sis was screaming at me that he was right there but i couldnt see him as a big guy was in the way.

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