On Set of “Richard Says Goodbye” in Vancouver (July 25)

On Tuesday, July 25, Johnny had to get into a lake fully clothed for his latest film in Vancouver, Canada. On that same day, he also visited supporters and admirers downton.

His hair was styled in a curly fashion not worn by the actor in his day-to-day life. The look would soon be ruined by the water as he swam with a swan for the unusual scene. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnny will play ‘a world-weary college professor who is given a life-changing diagnosis.’

The diagnosis causes his character to live a life without limits which encourages a wild streak within him. That description certainly adds more context to the scene Johnny was shooting in the lake on Tuesday.

I added 17 tagged LQ images to the photo gallery. Enjoy!


  • swan lake I think not..lol! Hi Johnny!

  • Hi vill You pls visit Danmark i love You Johnny and i vill love to spek to You agin You are so sweet???????

  • Pls Wright bake to my i hawe a Hart to???????

  • Hope you are being your best as usual on the set. In sure it will be a fantastic movie,maybe someday fillet to afford to see it,I haven’t seen all your movies yet,or heard your music,yet I’m sure your music is just as creative and loved by many,have a fantastic night
    From just a person learning to socialize on social media,was kept away from it for some reason,yet trying. And hopefully and positive each day.?

    • Sorry that’s Tracy jo Holley please forgive my mistakes,I own my disabilities yet,am real and have escaptd into singing to the radio to get away from the cruelty of those that don’t understand,yet my heart is Golden and you have similar values,and I like that about you. I’ve also had my heart broke and trust broken,yet continue to begin again and try not to give up on love again.so,look up we are loved and free to express in are way,WEITHER others like it or not. To are own selves and what we want to be.?

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